What you do in your house is worth as much as if you did it up in heaven for our Lord God. We should accustom ourselves to think of our position and work as sacred and well-pleasing to God, not on account of the position and work, but on account of the word and faith from which the obedience and the work flow. ~ Martin Luther

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Fast Forward, Rewind

Happy Monday to everyone! I hope you had wonderful weekends! As for me, I am sitting here writing this update Sunday night because I know that I will not have an opportunity to tomorrow. Why? Continue the saga...

Friday was an interesting day, to say the least. After a most horrible night last week, that involved heat radiating from every pore of my body while at the same time producing the most uncontrollable chills and shakes I have ever had (three HOURS worth to be exact), I decided I might need to head BACK to the doctors office for some answers (hopefully). Conveniently, I fixed up an appointment for myself to follow Andrew's shot/re-connect visit from a few weeks ago. I had time enough to pack the children lunches, grab a few books for the waiting room and a graham cracker for me for breakfast (and lunch).

It would be perfect-the appointment would save me another trip out. I would get answers. And I would have PLENTY of time to get myself home to 'redd' up the house for my in-laws' arrival.


We were out of the house from 10:00-3:30. For those of you non-math thinkers...that is nearly SIX hours at a DOCTORS office. Well....it went more like waiting room, doctors office, waiting room, doctors office, hospital, labwork room, waiting room, doctors office)

What did they find? Not enough, apparently. I have to go in for a c-scan tomorrow and a follow-up appointment on Tuesday. They DID say I have elevated red blood cell counts and that I have high levels of blood in my urine. No, I guess that ISN'T normal...is it? He was also concerned about how tender my abdomen was. Oh, and my lymph nodes are enflamed. All that, but still no real answers as to my problem(s).

After reading several different HORRIBLE stories about tragic deaths that happened out of the blue and due in part to not getting a problem taken care of speedily, I am a bit *more* anxious to get this ALL behind me...

Now. No more of that. I hate talking about my health...especially since it seems that there is nothing good to say these days. That is where I will be tomorrow and then, hopefully, I will be through with all this ho-hum stuff.

I must say though-because we were at the doctors/hospital for SOOOOOO LONG, the nurses felt bad and gave each of the children handmade dolls to keep. Each one sports a hospital gown and are given to brave little children undergoing surgery. I guess my children were brave too...in a DIFFERENT way. :-) I thought it was very very nice of them to do that for children, mine included.

To prove I am now going to be changing the subject....check this out.


Pretty neat, eh? There is no going back now! ;-)

With a half an hour left on Friday, I managed to get the house in order surprisingly well before G&L got here. I woke up early and worked then, also, so that helped immensely. Their visit was very nice and relaxed. They even pushed us out the door and babysat the kids on Friday night so Matt and I could have a (MUCH NEEDED) date. You know it was special when we ordered dessert at Applebee's....AND I got a smoothie. Whhhoooooweeee-we are living the high life now! (How will I EVER be able to go back?!? hehehe) Then we went to the movies (GASP) and paid $17.00 (horror of HORRORS!!!) to see Ghost Rider. Seen it? No? Good. Don't.

We walked out after an hour...so really, in essence, we paid $17.00 to watch previews. Hey-it is our own fault. Since we don't get TV, we don't see previews to movies so when we went to see what was playing...we were VERY unprepared to make a judgement call on title alone. Oh well. It was nice holding hands in the dark. Next time, though, we will just turn off the lights in our living room and sit awkwardly on the couch. :-)

It WAS fun going out alone and this is the first time I have not cried at least ONE tear as we left. I guess the fourth time is the charm. :-) Maybe we can do it again-next year. :-)


One more thing to say before I head to bed. The sillies are catching up to me and that is NOT a pretty sight. I must only say this....

Andrew is going to be turning one year old the day after April Fool's Day. That is not even a month away. I am not ready.

That was very enlightening. Quite flowing with the rest of this post, too. Thank you Rebecca, for such a profound statement. Now shut yer yap and git to bed!

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