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Monday, March 05, 2007

Sonnets amuk

How was everyone's weekend? Ours was nice, despite Matt working. We did get to go visiting on Friday evening and participate in a Friday Night Homemade Pizza night at a home, not our own. Matt bought a ciderpress (future photos to come!) for his cider making and we had to go get it. We were also following a very exciting lead on a house. Which lead nowhere at all, in fact.

Here we are, a few months later, and no further ahead in our pursuits to get settled. Only closer to the end...

I just happened upon the archives of when we first moved out here, following Matt's dream to own a farm. Oh, the sonnets I sung! Oh, the gloriousness of the prospects! I was just so excited to be settling down and beginning a life that would be permenant! A place where I could plant perennials and see them bloom more than once! It is unfathomable-to see how differently the plan unfolded compared to what we believed would happen. How differently our lives turned out. Isn't it true though...that we can not ever know all the variables. Even our most well-laid, thought out plans could be scattered to the wind.

The house didn't work out, true, but cows and chickens were part of the deal, so I suppose the trip was not ALL wasted. At least not for Corynn. She is so trusting in every day. She doesn't worry about finding a home, having to move, the stresses of packing. Kids are incredibly resilient. I wish it were so of me.


I am ashamed to say that I have begun a bad (very bad) habit of posting on this blog each morning. Then, of course, checking back every now and again. It all started when I would post while the kids were eating breakfast. But it takes longer for me to post with the new blogger and so I end up being on the computer well past breakfast. I know-bad, bad. Some people can do that-but not me. Not with children to look after.

I say now, enough is enough! I am going to start doing my posting during naptime so that I do not waste time while the kids are up. It comes at a perfect time really, as I have been working with Corynn daily on phonics and reading. Beginning a set routine will be a GOOD thing-for BOTH of us-and what better time than after she is refreshed from a good night's sleep? So- that will be the scoop for that. I will have some serious will-power battles at first, I am sure. But the results will be well worth it. There are some major changes that need to happen over here-and that is one of them.


I am very very VERY excited about an opportunity I have been given to get some articles put in a major craft magazine. The magazines are Paper Creations and Scrapbooking and Beyond, and they would like me to share some crafts that could be done with children. Matt's Aunt got my foot in the door and thinks that if I do a good job-they might make it an actual FEATURE instead of just a one time thing! How cool is THAT?!?!

I am very excited about the possibility but at the same time, I am very VERY stressed, because I want to do a good enough job that they want me permanently. It would be so fabulous if I could bring in a little monetary support to help out...especially if it is doing something that I LOVE and from home!!!

So-I have been wracking my brain coming up with ideas to do with Corynn. This week and next, we will be putting those plans into action. I am to take photographs throughout the entire process because they may print those as well.

On a similar note-remember my monarch photographs? I have decided to send them to Birds and Blooms along with an article, and see what happens. Perhaps they will publish it! No, it isn't a book-but it will be a start! Plus-it will be a great compliment to me if they like my photographs enough to print them.

It is an exciting time. If any of you are readers of any of those magazines-keep an eye out for me (and Corynn)! If I DO get published...you know I will be gushing here about it!

Well-gotta run. I have a few more hours of nap to work on those skirts! Have a good day!
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Anonymous said...

I was wondering if you were using any particular materials for working with Corynn on phonics and reading? My daughter, who is also named Rebecca, is ready for some challenges in this area.


Michelle said...

Hi there, Rebecca! Our weekend was BUSY too. Good to hear your updates. :) I am ashamed to admit that I have created yet another blog. This one I promise I will stick with. The other one won't let me post pics! grr. :(

Leah said...


I think I finally caught up on reading all the posts I've missed over the last month! Yes, I was really a month behind!

I hope to begin posting again on my own blog soon. I'll post the cheese recipe first thing! :)

Grace & Peace,

Kelli said...

I love that magazine and I'm so glad to hear you are going to send in some of your beautiful photos!

smilnsigh said...

Oh I so wish you would see light at the end of the tunnel, with the finding a house issue.

Good luck with your new plans for _when_ you Blog. I'm lucky I didn't have such a distraction when mine were little. I consider myself very lucky for this. -grinnnn-

Blogging is wonderful. But even with me, it takes up more time than it *should.* ,-)

But for me, it's no big deal. My time is about 99 and 44 one hundredths percent my own! :-) {Btw, does anyone remember when that {99 and...} was used, in an Ivory soap commercial? Nahhhh... You're all to young. -giggles-}

Much luck with your being published possibilities! Oh yes!!!


Elizabeth said...

I feel terrible that we talked for a good length yesterday, but most of it was upon "depressing" issues! How exciting about your future magazine prospects!!!! Please keep us posted about how it all goes! I never even gave magazine submissions a thought, until you wrote what you did, what a great way to get your foot in the door at becoming published!!! I'm very excited for you :)

ps..I'll start trying to put prayer about your house situation at the top of my list of things to pray about too :)