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Monday, August 13, 2007

"Camping Trip"

I should clarify, now that I have a minute, that our camping trip is not REALLY a camping trip. Once, a long time ago, it was. All of the family met up at a State Park and had a weekend of camping out.

Then, stinkin' Matt had to move our family way out into the sticks; several hours away; to a property that had a bit of land; and become an over-worked farmhand who never gets time off. (no-I don't know when to properly use ;;;; so what.)

The family compensated for my stinkin' husband by deciding that the 'camping trip' would be everyone coming out to OUR house and setting up camp in OUR yard. So, mostly, the "Cantrell family Camping Trip" is more like a "Everyone meet at the Newman's!" weekend.

But, fun, none-the-less.

Here is a run-down of our weekend.

~Competitive games of four-square
~sleeping outside (or inside on a nice comfy mattress-depending on who you were)
~Smores over a bonfire
~An all day excursion to an amusement park
~Water balloon fights
~Enough hamburgers and hotdogs to make me want to Ralph.
~Very unlike the hamburgers and hotdogs- a couple dozen of the most melt-in-your mouth golden delicious sweet corn ever eaten.
~sunburns for one (that would be me)
~bike, scooter, big wheel, and skateboard rides (and wipe-outs)
~Catching Up
~Squeals of delight and of something FAR different than delight
~Cotton candy
~and WATER.

It was fun and VERY tiring. My house is still not entirely put back together. In truth, I have done NOTHING to help it today. In fact, Matt and I barely made it in alive yesterday, once everyone left and we had to clean the patio of the food and such. I didn't realize how tired I was until everyone left and I felt like I was gonna die. :-)

Because of all the activities, I barely took any pictures at all. Well, the following is my 'barely'. I didn't bring the camera out at all except for once or twice, apart from the amusement park. I got no adult pictures. Only kidlets. Which is a shame, because I have some superbly beautiful adults in my life.

Well then. Enjoy these pictures while I go utilize what's LEFT of naptime doing some of my own kind of relaxing. :-)
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Tracy said...

Your photography is excellent, as always. I love the picture of Andrew drinking the pool water.

Sounds like you had fun, and will enjoy the peace and quiet now that the company has gone.

Christine said...

It looks like a blast!

smilnsigh said...

Sorry it is such a tiring experience. I can't even imagine how you do it!


Elizabeth said...

Thanks for sharing some photos of the weekend Rebecca :)

Mom2fur said...

Sounds like you had a great time! Hey, I sent you an e-mail a few days ago. I'm your partner in the shoebox swap. Did you get it yet?

Kelli said...

That sounds like my kind of camping trip. Close to the house in case you need anything..hehehe.

I got your wonderful letter with the fabric samples yesterday, the girls loved them! I will email you soon!