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Sunday, August 26, 2007

These are for Annika

Upon arriving at the Owens' for a quick and much-needed visit before heading all the way home, Corynn was met by an exuberant Miss Mildred holding a quite fantastic grasshopper, newly caught, while declaring it Corynn's and I was met by the vibrant Miss Annika.

She drew me in with her dimples and with her husky, endearing voice said "Dis is for you and your children and your ba-eby", as she proudly held out a beautifully drawn picture of an elephant that her Aunt Becky (I presume) had drawn for her. It was so sweet.

She is an elephant lover from way back (well, as way back as you can get at 3 years old)...it is just part of her. So, I immediately told her about our seeing ELEPHANTS at the fair.

For her, and to thank her for sharing her treasures elephant picture with us, I post ALL of these AMAZING photographs of our elephant encounter. I hope you like them Annika...and my fingers can't wait to tickle you again when I see you again! ;-)

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Rebecca said...

Well, you are partially right!;-) I "drew" while holding Annika's hand with the pencil in it-that was a fun challenge, but that way she felt she "drew" the elephant, too. :-) She does have an amazing fascination with those big creatures!

Rebecca said...

Now-here is a question for you. Did you trace it from a book or are you just THAT good? I saw the giraffe too... and they were exceptional if made from scratch!

Rebecca said...

Boy, this is going to get confusing for those reading the comments . . . Rebecca replying to Rebecca! LOL Both drawings were from scratch--didn't take too long. I used to draw elephants as a young child . . . Annika and I must be related! :-) Don't know that I had ever drawn a giraffe before, though . . . first time for everything, I guess.

Abigail said...

She loved these!