What you do in your house is worth as much as if you did it up in heaven for our Lord God. We should accustom ourselves to think of our position and work as sacred and well-pleasing to God, not on account of the position and work, but on account of the word and faith from which the obedience and the work flow. ~ Martin Luther

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Had to Share

About a month or so ago, I stumbled across this blog. It is a Mama (who should be a supermodel) who has six equally beautiful children (I mean, share the wealth already! hehehe) and happily and joyfully lives with her family in a small 1,000 square foot home. She takes AMAZING photography, which is what drew me in to her site.

But, she does not excel in one area just to lack in the other. She speaks of great wisdom and insight as she writes from her heart, and has inspired and encouraged me COUNTLESS times.

When I visited today, she posted a song that her little boy sang-written for his future wife. I can't believe or express how dear it is. I have kept this blog hidden from others for LONG enough!

PLEASE, if you have a moment,
listen to her boys SWEET voice singing from his SWEET heart. It has just made my day!
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Edited to Add: I realize that many of you had problems with my links. I am so sorry. Still not exactly sure what went wrong, since I cut and paste...but thanks to...
da dada DA~~~ HELPER ELF!!!

All is right with the world again! Just go to the comments section and follow his/her link! (S)He is one mighty handy visitor to have drop by. Thanks so much for your help!

For those of you unwilling to go through the rigamaroll of the comments section, I cut and paste the 'working' link HERE. But again, cut and paste didn't work the first time, so it may not work again for me.

I should say, since I posted this reference, she has added another of her sons' sons. I have not yet listened to them. The song that this post is referring to is Shelton's Love Song, as of right now, the second post down.



THANKS AGAIN my trusty old Helper Elf friend, whomever you are!


smilnsigh said...

-sigh- I got a 'Server not found' when I clicked on your link to the voice.

Please! Tell us her blog name. Give us a clickable link to it. Please. I need another blog to read, like a 'hole in the head,' but I have to visit her. Photos, 6 children, in a small area house! I simply have to. :-)

Hugs, Mari-Nanci

Christine said...

Thanks for pointing the way to way to her blog. I love that testimony of her husband witnessing to the man trying to rob them.They are quite an amazing family. Their little girl is precious.

Barbara said...

The links are working for me either. :(

Beth said...

When I clicked on the link, it gave me the same message that you got. When the link put the address in my address line, it had (2) http://'s on the line. I erased one of the http:// and I connected fine. Does this make sense?

Hope this helps.


Tracy said...

I can't make the links work.

Linda said...

Thanks for sharing the link.

smilnsigh said...

No Rebecca, not even the link you gave me, in a comment in 'smilnsigh' works. And not even when I take off the extra 'http//', like Beth suggested above.

No-how will any of them, take me to a blog. To many other things, but not to the blog you would like us to visit. Unknown why some of us can access it, and some can't.

Another Net Mystery! ,-)


Helper Elf Strikes Again said...

Just go here.
Always yours,
Helper Elf

smilnsigh said...

Helper Elf,
You are amazing! I'd love to make your acquaintance, but guess you prefer to remain anon. To each his/her own.

Many hugs,
{Who would love to find a Picassa-like [make edges of pics soft and put print on my pics and etc.] download, which would zap right into my Mac. Seems none I've found, do. -sigh-}