What you do in your house is worth as much as if you did it up in heaven for our Lord God. We should accustom ourselves to think of our position and work as sacred and well-pleasing to God, not on account of the position and work, but on account of the word and faith from which the obedience and the work flow. ~ Martin Luther

Friday, August 17, 2007

Red Man, My Man

If you take the curvy backroads, this Red Man barn is our neighbor 5 minutes away. If you go by way of the 'main' roads, it takes a bit longer. But every time I pass it, when I happen to pass it, it takes my breath away. I can not even FATHOM putting that much work into a barn! The painting is very intricate and ornate. Of course, accompanying the barn in a beautiful brick home, a trellised yard and curvy stream lined with huge, perfectly rectangular chunks of rock. All in all, a stunning show off the side of the road. I have hoped for a day when the sun was setting behind it, but my timing has never worked out and I thought I might as well be happy with a blue sky, while I wait.

Speaking of waiting. And men.

My Mattie is off doing the 'guy thing' tonight, camping out under the stars and a military poncho. Tomorrow, he is going woodchuck hunting. A 100% guy weekend!

I hate being away from him, especially at night, so when it is necessary, I try to play it up to be fun.

A feeble task it is, trying to convince myself... but I attempt to do so none-the-less. My 'fun night' involves a girlie movie, a bowl of twix triple chocolate ice cream, and the blog.

Actually, looking at the time, I should correct myself and say-the night has PASSED with ice cream and the blog. Picasa just ate up my whole night-so the movie will have to be set aside for another time.

Since I am heading out tomorrow to spend the day with the two other families involved in the camping trip. Let's see: that means 15 kids and six adults

and since we will be there for THREE meals

and since I time has slipped away from me, yet again, and it is now !0:45pm...

I have some SERIOUS food making to do. Looks like it will be another early morning... The third night in a row that I have not gone to bed earlier than 1 am.

Worst part? I have no plan! I have no idea what to make! Agh. Rebecca!

Shame on you!
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Victoria said...

Almost EXACTLY how I spend evenings without my husband - except, it's usually Ben & Jerry's! Good thing he goes away about once/year or less!

Anonymous said...

Does it make you a "real man" to needlessly kill a woodchuck? They are God's creatures and deserve to live on this earth without being killed for FUN. You are constantly preaching about God and His wisdom - don't be a hypocrite and kill animals for fun. It makes your "faith" seem convenient when you want to trot it out to make a point. Live it daily - do you think your God would approve of killing innocent animals?.

Anonymous said...

To the above poster - to make a statement like that and then not leave a name is absolutly childish! If you feel that strongly about hunting, and will criticize and judge others, then have the guts to sign your name to it.

As far as hunting goes, I grew up with it, but I am so greatful that my Dh does not hunt! I imaging that our suburban neighbors would throw a fit if there was dead animal hanging from out front tree!

I think that for those that are in need of the meat, they should have the right to go hunt it....but unless it is grain-fed, organic, and Kosher killed, it will never be on my table! :)


Rebecca said...

Dear anonymous~

Who said anything about killing for fun? The men that my husband hunt with always eat the meat-and my husband often saves the hides for tanning! So, you have made a point based on false premises. Number 1.

Number 2. I don't take kindly to being called a hypocrite, especially involving faith. FAITH has NOTHING to do with hunting and HUNTING does not determine your faith, therefore, my husband hunting does not make me NOT live my faith out daily. They are not even remotely linked. You would know that if 'my' God was 'YOUR' God.

Number 3: In scripture, we see that God has given His people DOMINION over the animals. So, yes, in answer to your question...I DO think God takes kindly to us killing animals. For meat, for warmth, for protection, to rid ourselves (and our gardens) from pests, etc. In fact, wasn't it the LORD who demanded people SACRIFICE animals to Him? Hmmmm....they weren't EATING the animals OR using the fur...they were just killing them and BURNING them. So, there you have it.

Finally~ I do not appreciate the audacity some people (like yourself) show in posting comments in a way that you wouldn't DARE speak face to face. PLease remember to always speak in kindness. Your anonymity shouldn't give you any liberation in graciousness.

I do not mind people not agreeing with me, nor do I mind them SAYING so here on my blog. After all, it makes life interesting. That said, I DO mind you not signing your name in order to say 'whatever you want' without thought. In the future, please respect my wishes and sign your name to any comments you may have.

I will be dealing with your comment in a future post (the beginning of the week probably) but in the meantime, please remember, if you do not like ME or what you read on MY blog, please feel free to NOT visit me.

smilnsigh said...

Hope your day with the other two camper-families was fun.


Ellie said...

Rebecca, I love your blog, and all that you put on it! Thank you for being so willing to share your life with all of us!

To the nasty gram person, perhaps you have never farmed, and do not realize the havoc a woodchuck, or ground hog can do on a farm. I know of many farmers around here who do kill them, and that is life. God did give us animals for a reason, and many of them are for us to eat. And for some people, that means...gasp...HUNTING them. There is absolutely nothing wrong with hunting if you are a responsible person. Of course, there are those who are anything but responsible, so go pick on them instead.

Sorry you and to deal with this Rebecca!


Jthemilker said...

I love the barn photos. I collect "Mailpouch Barns"