What you do in your house is worth as much as if you did it up in heaven for our Lord God. We should accustom ourselves to think of our position and work as sacred and well-pleasing to God, not on account of the position and work, but on account of the word and faith from which the obedience and the work flow. ~ Martin Luther

Monday, November 05, 2007

Chitter Chatter

Weighing heavy on my mind, like the impending noose about ones' neck, were the many photos I took from our week away. I decided to be rid of them once and for all, so I rid myself of them by putting them on my blog. Now I don't feel so weighed down.

SO much to do.

It's my own fault, I know. If I didn't take so many blasted photos, I wouldn't have to worry about when to post them. If I didn't START the telling of our love story, I wouldn't have to FINISH it. If I didn't WANT to do laundry, I shouldn't have gone away! Right? Right.

So this is me...taking responsibility for my actions. Bad Rebecca. Bad Rebecca!

Perhaps I am being a grumpy Mama bear because all my digits are frozen solid. Is anyone else FREEZING out there?! Or am I the last foolish soul trying in vain to keep warm without giving in to the oil companies?

I always have a competition with myself to see how long I can wait to turn on the heat and today was the day. I turned it on, in the KITCHEN only. Does that COUNT? ;)

I look forward to the day when we can have a home where we can burn wood. When that house becomes a reality, I will for the FIRST TIME, be able to be WARM in the winter-and ALL winter long (joy of JOYS!). Until then, though, we will just continue to try to scrimp by in order to save money.

I LOVE the smell of burning wood.

I LOVE the big strong, chiseled arms my hubby gets from chopping wood.

I love the snap crackle and pop of wood burning, and of standing near the woodstove until it feels as though my jeans are going to burst into flames at any second.

I love how being REALLY snug and warm just makes you want to fall asleep-and often you give in.

I love seeing a woodpile all stacked nicely-ready and waiting. Woodpiles represent SUCH hardwork. Determination. Responsibility. Foresight. and WARMTH. :-)

Tomorrow it is going to snow, or so they say. That should be interesting. (ick.) I am not looking forward to wintering in this home for another year. The windows are horrible (you SEE the breeze in the curtains.) It is a large house and will steal us of all our hardearned money.

Funny how I was sure we were going to be OUT of this house by now and yet, here we are. :-) I wonder what the Lord has in store for us...and when?! It would be fun to think about, if my body wasn't convulsing with shivers presently. I am seriously considering inventing some sort of nose clip that will clamp on your nose to hold a hankie in place. Is there are market for that?! Oh golly. I just gave it away. Now I just KNOW someone will steal my idea... ;-)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ok. That's enough grumps for one day. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The good news of the day is that we completed our first official day of homeschool today. I presented Corynn with a book called My Mommy, My Teacher in honor of her first day. She did really well and I was very pleased. I, on the other hand, have a L-O-N-G way to go. :-)

For all you homeschooling Mama's...I have a question. Or two. If you please. What time do you homeschool? Do you all finish before lunch or do you work afterwards to? I am referring especially to young children who don't obviously require many hours of work each day? Also-when do you go GROCERY shopping or run errands? My husband likes me to do that during the day so that he can REST when he gets home-not go to town...so I am struggling with the best suited time for us to work each day. I would like to have the same set schedule each day so that I make sure to FOLLOW it and not 'forget about school' for the day. Just curious and hoping for some advice....

I am still working on catching up on laundry and cleaning from our week away. I purposely avoided those things this weekend, so I could enjoy myself. Oddly enough-I have been strangely exhausted each day since our trip. I feel sort of lazy going to bed without reading anything or working on any project-but it just feels so divine to lay in flannel sheets up to your ears and warm up for the first time all day. I can't help but close my eyes, and before you know it....


I guess winter is upon us. Yes. Once it gets blustery-it is winter. Weather the calendar says so or not. At least in my book.

Stay WARM!

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