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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A word to our sponsors:

Attention: Lindsey!!

Here are the finished bonnets for your custom order. I didn't know if you might like both your girls to have the exact same matching bonnets or if you might prefer them to be individual but still coordinated so I opted to go both ways and leave it up to you.

So~ I made one large(r) size in burgendy and pink and one of BOTH fabrics for the small(er) size. Go ahead and let me know which one you'd like your littlest girlie to have and I will make the reserved order for my Etsy. It was easier to post the options once here than to post three options in reserve on Etsy.

I posted your name instead of your screen name to give you the option for anonymity and if you'd like to keep it that way-just email me the decision instead of posting a comment.

THANKS so much for being such a wonderful, WONDERFUL lady. You've been such an understanding customer! I have really enjoyed working with you!

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Lindsey said...

I love them both! But I asked my hubby and he likes the rose on burgendy best. So I would want 1 lgr and 1 sm.? my baby has a big head.lol again, thankyou so much!! and just let me know when it gets listed. Or ill just check it. :)

Abigail said...

I like to see your handiwork, but every time Millie sees one of these bonnets, she becomes very interested and very curious about who, what, why, when, where, and this made me plump up my "someday list" so I can make her and her doll some matching bonnets (which would then entail, of course, making some for Annika and then eventually Susannah), but when stacked on top of my already formidable to-do list (strangely, none of which seems to be getting to-done), I begin to mope.

So there's your daily dose of ramble; here's a simple compliment.

They're lovely.