What you do in your house is worth as much as if you did it up in heaven for our Lord God. We should accustom ourselves to think of our position and work as sacred and well-pleasing to God, not on account of the position and work, but on account of the word and faith from which the obedience and the work flow. ~ Martin Luther

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


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Elizabeth said...

See, I told you that hat was cute :) The boy in the hat makes it even cuter! :)

Cadie said...

Hey, Rebecca--you don't know me, but I've posted some comments on Abby's blog before and that's how I got to yours. I just have to tell you (even though I'm sure you already know) that Andrew is SO cute! His eyes are so dark (or maybe it's just the lighting) in the first one, they almost look black. I saw one of your posts where you mentioned how much you love blue eyes, but to me blue eyes seem more "regular" because that's what I'm used to (most of my siblings and I have blue eyes.)

I was going to comment on your post about the bookshelf, to sympathize, because I've picked up so many kids' books to put back on the shelf at our house, too, but I didn't because it seemed like a lot of other people had already said pretty much the same thing. :-) Also, I loved how (that) you put him on the shelf.

Rebecca said...

Thanks Cadie, for stopping by! That was a fun surprise!

I think the Panda is cute-but I will NEVER shush others from agreeing with me! ;-)

Andrew's eyes ARE that dark...as are Corynn's...and Matt's. I am the only blue-eyed Newman thus far. You're right. Brown eyes are wonderful and I wouldn't trade those pools of chocolate for ANYTHING-I think wanting to have a blue eyed baby stems from me wanting to have a baby look like ME. Wanting one of our children to have MY eyes, JUST ONE. :-) But-if I don't I won't be heartbroken because I can just get lost in the ones I DO have!

And about Panda on the bookcase: that was ALL him. He climbed right up there when I wasn't looking. I thought it was cute and took a picture and then scooted him off. Unfortunately, I think my taking a picture of him gave him mixed signals because he hopped right back up a few times more. I really should NOT take pictures of things that my children do that they shouldn't. I can be such a BAD mama sometimes!

Anyway. THANK you for visiting me Cadie and I do hope that you come again!

Cadie said...

I actually came to your site a while back and have came to it occasionally since then.

I did think Corynn was cute too. (And she looks like you by the way, even if she doesn't have your eyes.) But ever since Andrew (your Panda) was born and I saw pictures of him (I can't remember at exactly which times I came to your blog) he caught my eye as such a cute little kid.

I can understand wanting to have a baby/child that looks like you, and I can understand hoping for some variety--even though you wouldn't want to change anything about the children you do have--because I used to always think it was a bit boring that we ALL (us children in this family) have brown hair and practically all blue eyes. Okay, one of my brother's hair is a dark enough brown it's nearing black, and three have a kind of undiscernable eye color that comes into the catch-all category of "hazel". But I always thought it would be neat if one of us, say, had blonde hair. (Not that I think blonde is better, it's just something different.) Some "start-out blondes" turned brown later on in this family. How do people just HAVE blonde hair and stay blonde? ;-)

I know, (about the last thing you said) sometimes it is easy to accidentally encourage something you don't really want to encourage because it seems cute. But I don't think you're a bad mama for letting him get on the shelf. :-)