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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Times they are a changin'

Yesterday, while hanging some clothes on the line, Corynn and I both simultaneously noticed and 'wow'ed the trees behind our house.


It is odd to see such vibrant colors these days, as autumns colors have long since faded and floated down to the earth leaving the trees exposed.

In fact, these are the only trees in our area that are still colorful. and COLORFUL is an understatement, don't you think?

And they just happen to be in OUR backyard!

I guess good things DO come to those who wait.

Speaking of waiting~Mommyto3Blessings, I am working on your bonnets today and tomorrow and will be in the shoppe in the beginning of next week. I do hope to make a few more for a larger selection so you can choose which ones you prefer. We'll see how able I am! ;-)


This weekend, a childhood friend of mine is getting married and alas, Matt has to work. I am becoming more and more acquainted with single-parenthood.

I take the children shopping by myself.

When we must, we worship by ourselves.

We take week long excursions by ourselves.

and now:

I will be escorted by a Little Miss and a Panda boy at this wedding.

Needless to say, I don't know that I will be getting very many pictures! :-)

Thankfully though, I don't need to make the drive by myself. My parents are also attending the wedding with their brood and since they have such a LARGE brood-they also have an accomodating vehicle which they affectionately refer to as 'the bus'. It is 15 passenger van, so it literally IS like a bus!

Besides seeing Julie (my friend) wed and meeting another Matt (her betrothed) and visiting with my family for three hours in the car, and enjoying NOT having to drive, I am ALSO going to get the pleasure of staying in a bonafide HOTEL room.

Yes. You heard me correctly. We are staying in a hotel room! The last time I recall staying in a hotel room was four years ago and there were no children involved, with the exception of a certain Baby Boo taking up residence in my belly.

Not only THAT-but THIS hotel even has an indoor POOL!

Double. TRIPLE WA HOO!!!

The only sad bit is that we get to have all this fun, minus the Papa.

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Mom2fur said...

Trees that make you gasp are one reason fall is my favorite season. Yours is amazing, almost like it's on fire.
I wish fall lasted longer. It's just too short a season, compared to winter.
Be sure to take lots of wedding pictures. I'd love to see the kids all dressed up, and you, too! I bet you'll all have a blast in the hotel room.

mommyto3blessings said...

Thankyou so much, Your so sweet :) Im thinking of putting them in as stocking stuffers. My little Abby for some reason looks like she should have a bonnet on with a prarie dress. And I fell in love with that photo of the little girl with your bonnet on.

mommyto3blessings said...


i wasent sure if you had seen this, im having so much reading her blog and all the many sewing projects i may one day attempt. :) its a tutorial for some differnt things for boys!

Andie said...

WOW!! That tree is amazing!!!

Unfortunately I'm getting a little too well aquainted with single-parenthood, as well. My hubby is a wonderful father, but serving two churches is a lot on his plate. I take the kids lots of places by myself. Even sleep home alone some nights (hubby stays in the empty parsonage of the vacancy church which is 90 miles away so that he can make calls on the shut-in members the next day). Most of the other parents in our area leave siblings home with dad in order to take one child to an activity...not us! When one child goes, we ALL go! That's just what we have to do right now.
This is not the ideal, and I don't particulary enjoy it...but this is our life right now and I just have to accept it and move on or I'll fall to pieces (ok, can you tell I'm a bit stressed right now???)
Sorry to take up your blog with my rant...thanks for being my friend and liking me anyway!:-)
Blessings (oh, and have fun on your trip!!)

Mrs. B. said...

Have a great time! And give momma a hug and kiss from old me in Indiana. Sure do wish you could steer that 'bus' out here. We would love to see all of you!!! Maybe next summer? Think about it.

smilnsigh said...

Then, you have to have extra fun, FOR Papa!


Shereen said...

Hi there. Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I'm so happy you did, because it brought me back to your blog. I will definitely be adding you to my bloglines. The lapbook really was a lot of fun. I can't wait until this evening, then I will have some more time to peruse some more. Thanks for sharing. I miss seeing all those colors on the trees. Over here you're lucky if a palm franz gets a little brown. lol Your children are too cute!!

Abigail said...

Oh,yeah! Hotel!

We were so excited on the honeymoon in ours. Hurrah for hotels and motels!