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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Halloween~ Quite a pair.

Redheaded rag dolls. Loveable brother and sis. My two chillins....triangle noses and all.

Those of you good guessers who thought perhaps Raggedy Anne and her lil brother Andy might make an appearance on Hallow's Eve were right on target.

No tricking you this Halloween!

I was hoping to get a few more close-ups of the clothes since this is the first set of matching outfits I have sewn for children. I purposely made them from material that was less rag-dollish and MORE versatile...so they will be getting plenty of use out of the clothing this winter.

I was very pleased with myself. I made buttonholes by hand, created pleats with ease, and did an all around tip-top job (if I do say so myself! hehehe)

I love these real life dolls, from the tips of their stretching tongues to their striped toesies.

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Kelli said...

You did a great job, Rebecca! They are the cutest costumes ever! Corynn and Panda look *adorable!!!*


Andie said...

You did an awesome job!! They are absolutly adorable! Button holes by hand? I didn't know it was possible! :-)

Smith Family said...

SO sweet! I love it.

smilnsigh said...

They, and the outfits are precious! You are a very, very talented lady.


Charree said...

Wow! You did a great job on their costumes and smart thinking about making them versatile.

They look too adorable!

Liana said...

ditto - costumes are wonderful!

Carrie J said...

Very, very cute. You did a good job.