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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Log Cabin

Yesterday I finished my outdoor 'winterizing'. I transplanted the herbs and plants I wanted to bring in, covered all those potted perennials I hope to save for next year and found a place to store them. The patio table was brought into the kitchen and the patio chairs and other furniture were stored away in the garage. The summer toys were packed up too.

It was busy, but a necessary busy. Now my home looks stark and blase.

While I was doing all those things, Corynn decided she needed to build herself a log cabin.

She gathered the sticks from the woods behind our house. A few random boards made their way in the house too.

She also gathered food to store for winter.

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I thought it was supercute. One of those random ideas that pop into childrens' heads. They happily played in that square until I was done my projects. Then we headed inside and each one enjoyed steaming hot cocoa.

Not the first of the season, nor the last.


Tracy said...

I remember playing like that when I was a child. Good for you making them go outside to play. Mine were bundled up yesterday, playing hockey on rollerblades.

Carmichael Family said...

That is super cute! I love the bottom picture of them just sitting inside the rectangle of sticks with their supply of food...too cute! I love kids' imaginations and creativity!

Elizabeth said...

I totally agree- that really was super-cute and imaginative :) I LOVE IT :)

inspired said...

How fun! They will always remember that!!


smilnsigh said...

Oh yes! Childhood imagination is a wonderful thing. To be treasured and let flourish and... You know. :-)

And look at the size of your doggie now!


Abigail said...

I need to hire those children. We have an unbuilt house on some uncleared land.

What's their going rate? (Because we also have an unfull wallet...)