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Thursday, April 08, 2010

The Birthday Boy

I always like to take a few (har, har) photos of the birthday child for remembrances' sake.

This year, however, it didn't end up happening on his birthday...in fact, it finally happened justYESTERDAY (which is why I posted about Easter before his birthday even though they didn't happen in that order).

Maybe I should have dressed him up like you would if you were going to a professional place, but overalls and barefeet just seem to sum up the boy these days. He is still very much into cowboy boots, but now that the weather is nicer he really enjoys barefeet. He still refuses to wear shorts, though, because cowboys just don't DO that...even in warm weather.

So here he is. My boy. Papa's boy. Our boy together. The FOUR year old.

I love all these pictures because they capture so many of his expressions. His serious side. His charming side. His sweet side. His brow furrowing and empty stare.

And....his goofy side...

...TRYING not to wonder what he is doing. Trying very HARD not to laugh at what he LOOKS like he is doing.

I love this boy. I am so glad that he is ours.


His requested birthday dinner was.... you won't believe it....(I didn't)....


That is the easiest, weirdest, and most bizarre birthday FEAST I have prepared. I made sure to get 100% chicken ones though, because otherwise it would be just....gross. SCORE! They were DINOSAUR shaped! (That fact alone is kinda freaky, isn't it?!)

We ate them and then it occurred to me how absolutely unfilling those things are. I could have eaten the whole bag and still not felt satiated. I didn't.

His birthday CAKE description kept getting more and more elaborate as the days grew closer to his birthday.

Finally, I had to put a nilch on his suggestions when he said he wanted earthworms UNDER the dirt. (?!?!?) He wanted:

a cake with sprinkles in it, with green frosting for grass and brown frosting for dirt with stones and a rattlesnake. A cowboy was initially going to be shooting the rattlesnake but Andrew eventually changed his mind to a cowboy on his horse that was roping a calf.

I was envisioning fondant rattlesnakes and playmobil cowboys with a black licorice lasso when I discovered these amazing cowboy figurines at target. On a horse. Smack dab in the middle of roping!! (How perfect is that I say?!?) WAY better than black licorice.

I love the expression of the calf...

I imagine the horse had a similar expression, being as knee deep in MUD as he was...

The toys were a bit pricey but I figured they counted as a gift (and sure enough he loves 'em as much!)

I used an upturn cupcake to make the little grassy knoll and fondant to make the stones and snake.

I put his four candles on the grassy knoll and pushed them all the way down to look like a bonfire.

Instead, it just looks like he is turning ONE. ;-)

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