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Friday, April 16, 2010

An Egg Week

Our chickens are loving the sunshine and are rewarding us...bountifully....for letting them roam around the yard all day.

Seriously. It is getting overwhelming. We have so many eggs it would make your eyes cross. Like, triple digits.

We are going to be putting our EGGS FOR SALE sign out this weekend, but something has to be done NOW. So on Monday morning, as the children were eating cereal, I declared this week to be an EGG week and I was going to see how many we could demolish.

Here was the rundown of breakfasts.

Monday~cereal. Eggnog (=6 eggs)

Tuesday~ Scrambled eggs, slices of cheddar, orange, toast with peanut butter. Grape juice (I canned it last year). (=9 eggs)

Wednesday~ Dippy Eggs (or sunny side up eggs, some call them). Toast with butter. Half a banana. Grape Juice (=6 eggs)

Thursday~ Egg sandwiches with ham and cheddar. Grape Juice. (=5 eggs)

Friday~ French toast with our own maple syrup. Half a banana. Milk. (=3 eggs)

So far, I have used up 29 eggs. (Less than what we get from two mornings of gathering.)

Tonight I am going to try my hand at breakfast pizza. (That should use up around 5 eggs, including dough)

Strata will be for breakfast on Saturday (=10 eggs)

Sunday we will likely have leftover strata for breakfast. But I plan to take a whole mess of deviled eggs to a going away party/picnic in the afternoon.

I wonder if hard boiling two dozen would be overkill. Is 48 deviled eggs TOO much?
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