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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bright Copper Pennies

It has become a sort-of tradition around here to get new Mama-made duds for Easter. (This tradition, unfortunately, has never extended to MAMA getting new duds for Easter-- but I digress.) And this tradition goes hand in hand with the tradition of said Mama procrastinating until a few days before Easter to begin.

Duds are usually made in wee dark hours of twilight, and usually without patterns which means-it is a variable free for all whether or not they will actually look NICE or not.

Adele's dress was made without a pattern but using this lovely little dress as an inspiration. Unfortunately, I made it during the first of two 1 am sewing sessions and it turned out WAAAAY too big for her. I ended up having to use a bazillion safety pins on Easter morning just to get the thing wearable. Also, it turns out, the pleated bodice ended up hanging down (almost bowl-like) in front. NOT a good look. Not sure how I will fix that or how the inspiration dress didn't have that problem. Overall, I love the pom-pom trim and rick rack and of course, I love the fabric. But it didn't turn out quite as lovely as I had hoped. Methinks I will be altering it in the (very near) future.

Corynn's dress was my own design. A Mullet dress, as it were; unsuspecting in front but a party going on in the back. The dress channeled both a circus Ringmaster and a Lady, properly bustled. I did use a pattern for the bodice (I ran out of time for the buttonholes-they will be done in the -very near- future, too) but the skirt was all Rebecca.

The skirt sewed up just exactly as the idea had formed in my head...I love it. Bonus- Corynn helped me sew it! She (and I!) were both pleased to work together on her dress. It was worth the extra time it took.

Easter morning was the second late night sewing session. After finishing the two dresses I had been planning to make for the girls (minus the buttonholes for Corynn!) I noticed it was only 12:30 am (still early yet!) and so I whipped out a few wonky bow ties for the boys. Heaven forbid they feel left out!

(Andrew was a good sport but he was SO not interested in getting his picture taken. He is practically salivating at the places he could roam here.)

See? I told you.




The obligatory picture-taking is over!


Mary P said...

I love the rick rack and pom poms - and the fact that you can sew dress without a pattern. Wow! Growing up my sisters and I longed for a "real" store bought dress. Now I think homemade ones are so special! If my girls are lucky they'll get at least on e or two mamma-made dresses in the next few years ;-)

Bonnie said...

You are so brave, sewing without a pattern safety net, the thought makes me cringe. I'm always afraid that it will completely flop and I'll have waisted the fabric.

Your young'uns look adorable, and way to get creative on Corynn's! I'm thinking up a solution for Adele's. I know there is one, but it just ain't comin'

Bobbi Anderson said...

wonderful just wonderful!

Nanci said...

I stopped by yesterday, but in the midst of reading your post, I went to the link for Adele's dress inspiration, I got so excited to see that it led to your pinterest page that I got completely lost over there looking at all your goodies. This morning I realized I had never finished reading this post. You don't think I have ADD, do you? lol

Anyway, I've come back to finish reading this post and to tell you that. . .

The kids look wonderful -- picture perfect! You did a great job.

Love ya,


Leah said...

Very nice Rebecca. The dresses are beautiful, but I loved seeing the close up pictures, especially of Andrew. I hadn't realized he was getting that older boy kind of look already. What a beautiful family. :)

(Looks like your husband's being a real big help with the picture taking, lounging there in the background. :P Reminds me of someone I know around here. ;)

...they call me mommy... said...

Wow! What a great job. Between you and Bonnie, I'm a little green with envy over your sewing skillzzzzz. ;) Your Andrew is SUCH a handsome boy, get ready to beat the girls off him! ;) I love your benches/seating area around the fire pit and I meant to mention how I loved the idea of a "soup & scrabble" night. I'm saving that one for this fall/winter! :)


PS - Who is Alice Cantrell on Pinterest? Is she related to you? :)

Anonymous said...

They look so cute....you might be able to add some elastic to the front of the dress so it doesn't bowl.....just an idea. They are blessed to have you as their Mom.

Crystal in Pahrump

Rebecca said...

Amy~ sadly it is not our conversation/fire pit circle but the one where my brother lives. Since I am just now commenting back, you probably already know this since I just posted about his house. :-)

As for Alice-you are very observant! Last year I discovered her and became taken with her-at which time we talked about if we were related. My maiden name is Cantrell and my Dads family lives in Tennessee-where she is from.

From our discussion, I think that there is no correlation, but perhaps further down the line than we went there is. Who knows. I'd love to call that girl family though! ;-)