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Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Taking pictures of children-especially more than one-can be pretty tough. My plan of attack is usually thus:

1 ~ snap a zillion photos in rapid succession in order to (hopefully) get one usable one.

2 ~ be prepared to look like an idiot and do crazy things to get everyone who is supposed to be looking at the camera ACTUALLY looking and maybe, if I am especially lucky-get a few genuine smiles in there too.

3 ~ and lastly, call it a good picture if everyone is looking at the camera.

And so it was while taking a picture of the grandkids. I think outtakes are great fun to laugh over, and these just crack me up. Why? Because of two little girls...

Next to my mom sits my little niece Christiana-whom I tried (to no avail) to get to smile. I jumped up and down. I acted like a loony bird. And she never cracked a smile. Not ONCE. Not even a smidge.

And then there is Adele', who knows her mother well and cracks up in riotous laughter (humiliation??) at my antics. Watching their personalities unfold in front of the camera is hilarious. TO me anyway. All these pictures were taken in the space of like three minutes.

Watch 'em:

(this is when I began jumping around like a psycho...)

How true a likeness...


Nanci said...

If nothing else, your parents look like they enjoyed your show and had a good laugh.

Miss you,


Terri said...

LOL!!! Adele is getting a little red in the cheeks there! Love the pictures!

Full of Grace said...

I actually love the fact you posted these, I enjoyed them almost more than the first one you posted. They made me laugh! :) Thanks :)

...they call me mommy... said...

LOL! Love 'em! :)