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Thursday, April 05, 2012

Slurp, Dribble, Drool

A food post, because I really love food. And because I happen to have some pictures of a (delicious!) fruit tart I made last week to post. And because Janet said she missed my daily menus. This is for you, Janet!

Recent breakfasts~

  • Eggnog and toast
  • Dippy eggs
  • Scrambled eggs (several days)
  • Oatmeal with brown sugar
  • blueberry scones
  • cornmeal mush with maple syrup
  • yogurt with cereal on top
Most lunches were either leftovers from dinners or sandwiches. I don't remember making anything special for lunches.

I can't remember the afternoon snacks-though I do recall making peppermint meringue cookies early last week and the children having them with snacks for a few days.

Recent Dinners~
  • Beef stew (the best I have ever made!) and buttermilk biscuits (using just three ingredients! and they were good!)
  • Spaghetti with home canned meatsauce, spring garden salad, home canned pears and whole wheat parmesan breadsticks.
  • leftover night (the last of the library classes I attended.)
  • Marinated chicken and sweet peas over brown rice. Strawberries and huckleberries coated with vanilla yogurt.
  • ugh. what did we have on Thursday?!? It was fancy.
  • Pizza and carrot sticks with Ranch dip
  • Split Pea Soup, Vegetable Beef Barley soup, Lots o' Buttery Crescents, Fruit tart for dessert. (Had friends over for a Soup and Scrabble night.)
  • Sunday went to my parents' for a delicious *and big* lunch. I brought braided egg bread. That night the children had bowls of split pea soup before bed.
  • Sausage gravy and buttermilk biscuits (same as above), peas and corn mixed together. Cake for dessert. (Birthday request)
  • Chili, beans, and cheese fries. (The kids have never had anything like this and felt VERY special.) Strawberry and Kiwi salad.
  • And last night- Matt wasn't home for dinner and I was busy all the way until supper so I had to scramble at suppertime. I asked the children whether they wanted Bacon and Eggs or BLTs. They chose the bacon and eggs (and strawberries and pumpernickel toast) and I chose a BLT on pumpernickel (it has been over a year since I had a BLT and boy was it gooooood.)

There is one other night that I can't for the life of me recall, last Thursday, but I remember it being a good one. Just not memorable, apparently.

As for tonight~ we are having Ham, mashed potatoes, roasted broccoli, and homecanned applesauce.

And you know what tomorrow brings! PIZZA NIGHT!

SO-what's on YOUR table these days?


Bonnie said...

BLT's are kind of sad without fresh garden tomatoes, but then you had to go and say pumpernickle so now, even though the grocery store tomatoes are pale and sad, I'm gonna have to put it on the menu.

Audrey says your strawberries, blueberries, bananas and "zucchini" look good. I hated to tell her it was kiwi, since she doesn't really care for it.

Nothing exciting being et around here, but I need a fancy meal for tomorrow, since we're doing our first Messianic Passover. (just us and the little 'uns.)via Ann V., I'm VERY excited!

And lastly, disregard a good 1/3 of the letter I mailed you yesterday, because I missed most of your comment yesterday, and now all my suggestions etc., are obsolete.


Anonymous said...

Yaaaay! I've missed my Rebecca food fix :) You are so creative with your meals and snacks...I tend to get stuck in a rut..I thought of you yesterday and all your eggs...a friend is making deviled eggs for Easter that look like little chicks hatching...instead of cutting long ways, cut top off about 1/4 or so and stuff as usual, then put top back on with some of filling showing and to this place a couple pieces of black olives for eyes and a piece of carrot for beak..so cute...By the way the shower curtain is beautiful. I love all things vintage...what a great way to enjoy them every day! The tart looks awesome...I am so ready for strawberries...Thank you again for sharing your life with the rest of us!

Happy Easter to you and your's,

Cathy said...

Beautiful tart. I'd like to make it. Do you use a specific crust recipe, or is it just any pie crust?

Rebecca said...

Bonnie~ I certainly will not! Any words coming in mailboxes are properly enjoyed, regurgitated and enjoyed some more. So there! And in college, my go-to lunch was BLTS on marble bread. Whenever I eat a BLT on Rye or Pumpernickel I always am transported back to those college days, eating outside in the sunshine before class. And getting myself in trouble by the groundsman for clipping a few lilacs from the bushes to bring home with me. ;-)

Janet~ Those sound SUPER cute! I am bringing deviled eggs to our Easter Feast (my brother is hosting this year) and I may just have to do that! Thanks for the suggestion!

Cathy~ oh no, no. Pie crust wouldn't do. The fruit tart has an amazingly not-to-sweet, flaky shortbread-esque crust and it wouldn't be the same without it. PLus, it is SUPER simple to make. I put a link on FRUIT TART for you~ follow the link and make the crust and you'll love me forever. :-)

Bobbi Anderson said...

ooohh that crust idea sounds great!

I was going to suggest making baked oatmeal and french toast oatmeal, both from a blog i occasionally read All that is Good... YUM!! Although i do two eggs with my baked oatmeal and never do the same seasonings twice and i like mine with fresh fruit and yoghurt of some sort yum!

tonight is salmon and veggies!

Leah said...

Oooh, I used to make mini tartlets that looked just like that, with white chocolate cream filling and an apricot glaze on the fruit. Everyone was always so impressed by them when I brought them to an event! (hehe) That was many years ago. I wonder if I could muster the courage (and energy) to make them again. You're definitely tempting me to. :P They are so good though.

I've been taking pictures of all my experimental dinners lately with great hopes of posting pics and recipes, but I never get around to it! How do you keep up so well? I am forever in awe of your faithful and beautiful blogging. :)

Rebecca said...

Oh but Leah-you must not have noticed the date of my last food blog entry. It is pathetic. Really.

I always have grand intentions but my limited computer time forces me to choose whether I blog here or there and here always wins. As much as I love food (and that is a lot!), I guess I enjoy talking about myself more.


I know what that makes me.

...they call me mommy... said...

LOL! Talking about yourself more. You crack me up, Rebecca!

YUM-O! Can I come and eat at your house? We basically for breakfast eat oatmeal or cereal during the week and on the weekend pancakes, muffins, eggs, bacon, fruit etc. :) Lunches are VERY boring (pasta, sandwiches, leftovers) and lazy around here during the week...weekend when hubby is home, I try to actually do something! :) Chicken quesadillas, hamburgers on the grill, soups etc
Dinner is sometimes a casserole, pizza, soups/stews, Taco Tuesdays ;), and the like. You have some great ideas and I love all your side dishes...WOW!

I really don't *LOVE* cooking, but I've come a long way from what my poor husband ate when we were first married.

You are an inspiration to break outta my rut and try some new things! :)