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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Four Eyes (or Sixteen)

We just got back from the optometrist and spent way too much on glasses. 

But QUALITY costs.


...they call me mommy... said...

What cutie patootie's!!! :D Sent a package your way...it'll be a bit belated! :)

Happiest Birthday early! :)



Bonnie said...

Hilarious! Who's gettin' 'em?
And Amy beat me to it, but happy early birthday : )

Rebecca said...

Ooohhhh- hurrah, Amy!

Bonnie- thankfully, no one is getting REAL ones. YET. I am blind as a bat though, so it is probably going to be a fact of life at some point. But for now, paper glasses will do. :-)

...they call me mommy... said...

When is Bonnie's birthday anyway? ;) :D

Julian said...

How cute! Its good to have parents who have a sense of humor.;)

Anonymous said...

I love your blog and find you and your family so inspirational on so many levels:)

But I have to admit--I don't "get" this post--what am I missing!? Now I do have my share of "senior moments" since turning the big 5-0...so please forgive me!:) Happy Wednesday from Wisconsin!

Rebecca said...

Anonymous-It was totally a joke. Corynn made glasses for everyone. They looked silly. I took a picture. And then I made a joke that wasn't funny.

Basically, my life in a nutshell! hehehe

Abigail said...

If four eyes are better than two, than sixteen is pretty darn near perfect. I'm sure there's a market for those, Corynn!

Full of Grace said...

Tried calling you over and over again for your birthday but kept getting a busy signal. I hope you had a wonderful day and will try calling tomorrow! :) Love you Dear Sister and Many Blessings on Your Day and Year :)

9peasMom said...

Oh darn, I suspected I didn't do the comment thing right! I enjoyed the birthday post - happy birthday!
I wish I had saved the other comment suspecting I was messing up the proving I'm not a robot portion - jinxes me every time (not just your blog, the problem is ME)