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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sneak Peek: Mother's Day Photo Session

A few pictures from a photo session I had a week or so ago...

Those two shots above were two out of like, oh, 15 pictures that all looked something like this:

Four year olds can be challenging to photograph!  Hilarious, but challenging.

About this time, Little Mister got cranky.  So Mama had to hold him.  Mama's make everything better.

And then he conked out.

It was fun to do some real photography again.  It has been a while.


Abigail said...

Pardon me for bickering, but what you've been doing all along is "real" photography! :) I'm just being a nuisance, but I'm a sucker for your candid photography, too!

Thanks for the sneak peek. I especially love the mama-kissing-baby one, and I'm looking forward to the rest. I think you do such a nice job with formal photos, and I'm sure the mama is thrilled with them!

p.s. It's John's day off, and I'm commenting on your blog when I SHOULD be clearing the garden, which made me remember that I want to invade your yard this week. Watch out!

Melissa said...

What settings did you use on your camera? The more I play and try to learn the worse my pictures are becoming!


Rebecca said...

Abby- It always seems more 'real' when it is for someone else. This is all you get of the pictures though-because it is a sneak peek so I wouldn't HAVE to post all of them! :-)

Hope you had a WONDERFUL family day yederday and that the rocks went DOWN deep in the garden and not up on top.

Melissa- I always use the manual setting on my camera which allows you to adjust aperture/shutter speed. Since we were outside in the shade, sometimes in the sun, and inside in my bedroom the settings are all different. I will say though, if you are having trouble a good trick I like to go by is: You know that little bar in your viewfinder that shows how exposed your shot will be? I like to be one or two notches up from the 'perfect balance'. It adds more vibrant color and a brighter overall picture which I love. Also- whenever I do portraits, I use the smallest Fstop number I can-which is usually 4.5ish and then only adjust the shutter speed to the notch or two above. USE that little bar in the viewfinder to guide you, don't just try to know the numbers.

The fewer things to think about, the better.

Full of Grace said...

Super Sweet, They turned out so nice, I HOPE that they really appreciate and love them!! :)

Abigail said...


Well, I enjoyed the peek.

Wendy said...

You did a fabulous job! Well done! I bet she was thrilled to pieces with them :-)