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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real

Pretty~ Bumbly

The lilacs are phasing out (*sniff) but the Rhodo's are popping open and the azalea is looking more pink by the minute!  Yay!

Happy~ Homespun

My (second) very own, home spun yarn!  I got the roving at a farmers' market but had to borrow the wheel from a friend since the wheel I own hates me and won't work.  It is a nice pretty little wheel to look at, but not a very handy one to actually USE.  My friends' wheel though?  BUTTER.

The fiber is alpaca with some sparkle acrylic added in.  I still have to ply it, which I think I will do with a silk thread in order to get a bit more for my bang (and strengthen up the yarn since Alpaca doesn't really hold together well, so I am told.)    I can't wait to figure out what to do with it.  I have a limited supply, but perhaps a cowl could work?  Something entirely frivolous.

Spinning with roving is SO much more simple than spinning with wool you have washed and carded yourself, letmetellyou.  Well done roving is the way to go!  I have a week or so left with the wheel, at which time I will try and finish up the lesser quality handwashed/carded stuff I did but I know it won't be nearly as pretty (or as fun.)

I wish I had this wheel-but you spinners out there know how much one of these babies cost and, well, that ain't happening any time soon!

Funny~ The Dandelion head and the Punk Rocker

She has dandelion hair, she does!

Judah, while giving a long awaited (and less frequent now) glimpse of his cyclops brow, also sports a very trendy dandelion earring.

What is NOT funny is the amount of dandelions in our YARD.  The yard that was mowed on Saturday.

Real~ Exploded bread

I made Parmesan pesto bread and it exploded in the oven.  But the taste?  Ahhhhhhhhh.....sublime.

round button chicken


Bonnie said...

That bread. Oh my. ohmyohmyohmy. And Judah looks way.too.big. And I've re-read your comment about 57 times. Thank-you : )

Mary said...

The dandelion pictures are precious!
That bread looks so good!

Full of Grace said...

That bread looks SO DELISH!! And I LOVE the pics in the dandelions!! Beautiful and Natural :)

Abigail said...

Re.: Non-weeds.
I have pictures to post of Lu and Pip in dandelions, TOO (remind you of a recent comment?), only mine aren't so lovely. :) Also, the funny thing is I took them in our puff-covered yard...which was mowed two days ago.

Re.: Yarn.
What a gorgeous hue!

Re.: The World's Yummiest Bread.
Parmesan and pesto can explode in my home wherever and whenever they like. (Feta-anything also tops the list of permissible culinary explosions.)

9peasMom said...

My daughter also had dandelion hair, so whispy and blew away easily. It is still harder to get it all in a ponytail but the older she gets the better and thicker it becomes - I miss the dandelion hair.
That bread looks amazing!

beth said...

the pictures of your dears A & J amongst dandelions are SOOOO gorgeous!


...they call me mommy... said...

Such gorgeous photos!!!! And kids and bread and EVERYTHING!

Leah T. said...

I know of a man in PA who repairs/restores old/antique spinning wheels. If you're interested in his contact info let me know. I have (or I should say, my in-laws have) a beautiful antique that I want to get restored. There's just something about the thought of spinning on a wheel that has been used by previous generations that is so amazing and appealing to me!