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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real

Well.  I am afraid anyone visiting Renaissance from now on is going to have to endure lots of pictures of growing things and lots of talk about garden chores.  'Tis the season, after all.  Sorry in advance.

I didn't know what to post for Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real today but the idea is, after all, to be intentional with the camera each week- so I knew I had to find SOMETHING to take pictures of.  First thought- go to the flower garden to see what is (or about to be) blooming.  Are you terribly surprised?


And since it was early dawn, there was plenty of dew.  I took more than one picture.  Again I ask, are you terribly surprised?



Blue Flax

A self-portrait.  Can you spot me?

Diamond lily spikes

The strawberry patch is...well, patchy.  But it will fill out in no time.  I am happy because the biggles and I weeded it this past week.  I can't describe to you how horribly weed-ridden it was.  Let's just say that no one would have known there were strawberries in there.  'Nuff said.  It was A LOT of work, but for now, it once again looks like a strawberry patch.


Matt was mowing and Judah followed along the entire time, which is a long time considering the big yard that Matt mows!  I especially liked Judah's "work gloves".  He has to be just like the Papa.


The biggles and I planted roughly 80 tomato plants (brandywine, celebrity, beefsteak, roma, yellow something or other, cherry, grape and a few heirlooms), 40 pepper plants (purple beauty, ACE, sweet italian, sweet banana, jalapeno) and 18 basil plants this morning.  I don't know what I was thinking with the peppers.  40 pepper plants?!?  Sheesh.

Last year I planted well over 100 tomato plants, but like I said, many tomatoes were wasted due to improper staking.  I am nervous that 80 plants won't be enough for us- but, let's hope without wasted tomatoes this year, it will all even out.

Now I am....exhausted.  And hot.   A friend of mine returning from Guatamala brought back with her some of the coolest headband things.  I want to make some for myself and the girls.  They would certainly help keep my punkrocker/shaggydog hair in place while I garden (seriously, it is SUCH a pain not being able to get my hair pulled all the way back...especially when I am doing dirty work.)  She let me borrow it so I could fudge a pattern.  I wanted to do that today too-but I don't think I will.   I think this afternoon I will write a few letters in the shade sipping sweet tea while the kiddos drain our well playing in the hose.

And if I can muster the energy, I will make chicken salad sandwiches for supper.  And smoothies.  Definitely smoothies.

round button chicken


Miranda said...

I am DETERMINED to be a gardener! Each year I have really high hopes and I fail. Utter fail.

This year, I started early! I was so proud of myself. I even started everything I could from seed! Woot, Woot! We put the tomatoes and peppers in the ground last week. They were doing so good. Then we went camping. While we were gone we had a frost. :(

It was supposed to get down to 38 and I thought I would be fine. Can I cry now????

Anyway, your garden looks great! I love seeing your pictures all summer long so please don't hold back! :)

Ok...I am done writing a book. :)

mapleleafmom said...

my peppers did awesome last year..and this year..they are doing nothing...anyhow...drying them into a powder (im assuming hot peppers), pickling them, freezing them...mailing them to Virginia...lol....trading them would be a good bet too

love your gardening posts..don't quit...

jennifer said...

We have a family of seven and only have nine tomato plants. Please give me ideas for what you will be doing with all those tomatoes! And I adore your pictures, what lens did you use for the pictures above?

9peasMom said...

Looks great, the garden I mean. Your photos are stunning!!!

beth said...

yet again, I soak up these glimpses of your life and relish every picture and word that you share. your dewy photos are gorgeous. gorgeous!
and about your hair? I understand the hassle of not being able to just scoop it all back and out of the way, but must say it looked darling in the recent pictures of you holding wee babygirl.


Jamie Allen said...

just wanna say i LOVE LOVE your new hairstyle! it looks amazing. your garden is nothing less than spectacular! and i am sure judah was zonked after mowing alongside matt! i rarely comment but visit daily. you are a beautiful inspiration.

Leah T. said...

Gardens! We have so much to do yet in ours. I was really hoping to be in the new house near our garden but that was not God's plan. It makes it harder being a mile and a half down the road. :/ Anyway, we didn't end up getting any seeds started this year so we'll be buying starts from a local greenhouse. Now that the threat of frost is/should be behind we have to get our warm weather crops in. And being 37 weeks along that should be fun. ;)

A question for you, how many herb plants do you generally grow? I mean, how many of each kind? I'd really like to start a big herb garden but have no idea how much I should grow.

Debbie in CA : ) said...
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Debbie in CA : ) said...

[Whoops! Did something wrong and deleted. Let's try that again!]

* * * *

Smoothies . . . YES, definitely smoothies!

(So nice to hear the sparkle in your "voice-a-la-keystrokes."

If you haven't read Lanier's latest post over at www.laniersbooks.com you should definitely take a trip there. So much kindredness flowing as she breaks free and soars into being more than a list and the execution therein.

Pretty, Funny, Happy, Real . . . but never, never perfect (and it's all best that way . . . just sayin')

My sweet prayers continue for you. : D

Bonnie said...





Pinned these back when I was a baby pinner, they all look like what you want and will save you energy and time because you won't have to figure a pattern on your own : )
Ain't I thoughtful? : D

Catie said...

Your garden is AMAZING. Very inspiring. :) Love your pictures.

Tracy said...

If you can French braid, your hair would EASILY braid into pigtails, layers and all. Start clear at the front. Or what about the kerchiefs you always wear? That would help, too.

Anna Yager said...

I have several Guatemalan headbands - they're a great way to keep the hair out of the eyes, and I love the fabric. One thing to be careful with as you make your own - make sure that the length of elastic is sufficient, because if it's not the headband ends up being too tight.

BTW, I LOVE the garden focus. After all, that's the main point of summer, is it not?

Ginger said...

I love your diamond spikes picture, I am partial to dew drops on plants.....

Rebecca said...

Miranda- awwww. And things were just getting good! Sorry about your plants. May is a jester month-playing tricks on the innocent and excited! Still, go get a plant or two at the greenhouse. They have them and you'll like fresh tomatoes...even off of a single plant!

Mapleleaffarm- true, true. I've never done the powder thing before. That is something I should try this year!

Jennifer- If you check out my sidebar, you'll see I make all our own spaghetti sauce, pizza sauce, salsa and sundried tomatoes. We also *might* consume a ridiculous amount of tomato sandwiches in the summer. :-)

Oh- and the lens is the Canon Compact 50mm macro lens.

Jamie Allen and Beth- you guys are so nice! Thank you. And BOY do I have a picture coming up for YOU GUYS. ;-)

Leah- I feel your pain. I did the same thing- waited to long to order seeds. Truth is, I wasn't even READY to think about gardening until a few weeks ago when I HAD to! About the herbs- I don't have an actual 'herb' garden, though I would like to make one at some point. Right now they are scattered around in my flower circle. It depends on how much you use. Usually one packet of seeds provides PLENTY of herb. One or two plants is usually plenty by the end of the summer they are usually massive. I would start out with one each and see how much you use of them/what you don't use and then increase or decrease from there. Many herbs are perennial which means that they will just get bigger and bigger and spread further and further until you couldn't possibly use all of it- only get ONE of those plants! :-)

I have one dill, one hyssop plant (that on year two is absolutely MASSIVE and for which I do not know what to use it with yet), I planted 18 basil plants (because I am addicted), I planted a packet of cilantro seeds, I have two parsley plants that overwintered from last year, a large lemon balm that also over wintered. I bought a single rosemary plant that I am going to pot so that I can bring it in in the winter because my rosemary did not overwinter. One sage plant is plenty (for us), I have about 12 calendula plants (for herbal use) and about five chamomile (I should have more of these). I have a clump of oregano and three lavender plants. I don't have any thyme, but should get some.

There. How was that for writing a book? But YOU asked! ;-)

Debbie~ thank you for the link. That was a good read. And I always enjoy your comments!

Bonnie- the first one is close, but the sides are a box pleat which is cute. The pattern making isn't the hard part (it is really just two rectangles), it is the finding TIME part that gets me every time.

Tracy- I am all thumbs when it comes to french braiding. I wish I could! I have been wearing kerchiefs but I feel twice as 'cancer patient'ish without the braids hanging out of them. :-)

Anna- thank you for the tip! That will be helpful!

Catie and Ginger- thanks!

Abigail said...

I am glad to hear you have a macro lens and that it's not just that I don't know how to use my lens. I was admiring these photos and wondering how on earth to get that gorgeous dewdrop view!

These are beautiful photos.

To make you feel better about your "measly" 80, I don't think I'm even going to plant 50. With blight killing the plants 2 years running and now spread in the soil, I hesitate to devote half the garden space to something that will probably die again this year.

Three cheers for your 80! May they live long and GREATLY prosper. :)

Abigail said...

80...tomato plants.

(I probably shouldn't try to double-task while I comment. My language is unraveling.)

...they call me mommy... said...

I am just gazing at your flower photos in AWE, woman! THEY ARE JUST SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GORGEOUS!!!! I love them so much!! BEAUTIFUL!!!

Your garden sounds WONDERFUL! I love your garden posts...keep 'em coming!!!!