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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

A New Addition

It just occurred to me that I have not yet introduced you to the newest addition to Hopestead! Such a pity too, because she is a beauty!

 Meet Penny.

When she first came to us Adele' prayed one lunch time thanking God for "the 'Mith family dat gave us money."  I didn't have a CLUE what she was talking about because no one had given us money but I figured, hey- God must know what she is thinking about.  After the prayer, all the children erupted into laughter and they told me that Adele' called her Money instead of Penny.  I don't know why I had to have it spelled out for me, but once I realized what she meant I thought that was too stinkin' cute.  We have now taken to calling her Moneypenny.

We got her on May 2nd and she is not quite a year old.  Matt hopes to breed her in the fall.  Then, we'll finally have a milk cow!

(Judah is quite taken with her horns.)

Of course there is a lot to do before then:

Right now we have her on a lead rope to graze and we move her (and our pony) every few days.  I told Matt when we finally get the a FENCE built, THEN I will feel like we are a 'family farm'.  Until the fence though, it feels like we are just playing.  So there is the fence to put in.

Water to get out to the barn.

Milking stuff to accumulate.

Cheese making books to read.  (Any recommendations?)

But we have a few months...


Bonnie said...

I do not hate Rebecca for having a cow. I love Rebecca, she is my friend. I might be green-eyed (uh well literally I AM a green-eyed girl but anyway) with envy but I will control my enviousness and tell her "Oh how fun, that's going to be great! A family milk cow!" And I will mean it.
I will also invite myself for a visit once Penny is in milk so that we can make cheese together, and so I can learn HOW to milk. And I will laugh long and loud at cute Adele. : D
Money. Ha! I love it!

mapleleafmom said...

love her....
I had a "pet" cow named Catin with horns... that was French for Dolly..well slang French..

there is still a hole 30 yrs later in the shed next to the barn, where her horn went through.

homesteadingtoday DOT com has great people and tons of help on cheese making.

so the pony and the cow don't pull up their stakes? and do they get along?

mapleleafmom said...

saw this and thought of you....a great way to get the headband to stay on, and not get headaches from the plastic one...


for all your rocker girl wisps

Anonymous said...

I thought this was a pregnancy announcement! A sweet cow is second best. Congratulations. :)

...they call me mommy... said...

Awww...she is so pretty! I love her color and her eyes! :) Money = Penny...LOL! Love kidlets and their sayings! :D

PS - You have asked me various questions over the months at my blog...I NEVER know where to answer them! :P Hence not answering AT ALL. Hmmm...what to do? :P

Catie said...

I, too, thought you were going to announce a bun in the oven! HA! :)

That cow is adorable; not as much as Judah though--what a cutie!

And I just love the MoneyPenny thing--kids are so great.

Wendy said...

Congrats on your cow! That is super cool! We got one too..only it is wrapped up in our freezer..ha!

Full of Grace said...

Penny is Beautiful :) I Can't wait to meet her! :) I may have to snag a couple of pics you took of my little people if you don't mind, I didn't bring my camera that day so I could just focus on just being there :)

Quinn said...

cutest.jersey.ever. If I ever get a jersey I want her to look just like your Penny. Horns and all.

Cheesemaking? Check out the Promised Land Farm blog. She does a lot of great videos about cheesemaking and has a great setup. She did one video with books she does and does not recommend.

Rebecca said...

If it were a pregnancy announcement, it wouldn't have a cow for a picture~ sillies! :-)

Bonnie- I am betting that when she comes in milk and if you were to come over (yes, please!) that jealousy would quickly change to pity. Milk comes at a price, you know! :-)

MapleleafMom- so far the cow and the pony haven't pulled up their stakes. I am thinking Penny is not too far from it though, especially the way she was kicking her heels tonight. PS. Your story is EXACTLY why I am not too keen on horns.

Amy- ignore them until I forget them is the easiest way to handle it! :-)

Elizabeth- you betcha! I blogged them for you!

Quinn~ thanks for the resource! I appreciate it!

Abigail said...

She is a beauty. Hope her temperament and milk are as sweet as her face!