What you do in your house is worth as much as if you did it up in heaven for our Lord God. We should accustom ourselves to think of our position and work as sacred and well-pleasing to God, not on account of the position and work, but on account of the word and faith from which the obedience and the work flow. ~ Martin Luther

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real


I really am such a slacker when it comes to the 'pretty' theme.  I always do the simplest thing-flowers.  Flowers are so gorgeous all by themselves, they require no artistic eye whatsoever.  I can't help myself.


The children are enjoying uninterrupted play time this week and I have enjoyed seeing where their free time takes them.  ALWAYS outdoors.  (That is one benefit of not having air-conditioning....there is no draw to stay cool inside.)


When we can't seem to find a good movie for movie night, we have taken to watching an episode or two of Gilligans Island.  Can you tell?


The grill is now officially my kitchen again.  Every day something good comes from it.  

round button chicken


lindsey gallant said...

What a lovely look into your backyard! The teepee looks fun! I love the outdoor living summer brings.

Beth said...

I have never had much luck with shishkabobs. Something is always overcooked while something else is never cooked enough. Plus there's always something falling off of the skewer.

Please tell me how your skewers look so perfect!!


Margo said...

I love all of this! I want a make a backyard teepee!
We got a new grill this year and it has burners as well as a grill box, so I can cook a lot more out there. Just did pasta last night.

Where can I find Gilligan's Island - online somewhere for free (I'm hoping)? I'm not very knowledgeable about these things, but my husband and I were just talking about starting a movie night with our kiddos. Love that leaf skirt :)

Lena said...

lovely pics of your sweet kiddos, darling home, nifty creations,.... -- blessed life. DEO GRATAS!!

Rosie said...

That first picture is so COOL with the spider on the other side of the petal!

And those kebabs look delicious :) I'm hoping it doesn't rain tonight, I've got food ready to go on the grill! Even if it DOES rain, we'll probably grill anyway :P

Quinn said...

Call yourself a slacker all you like, I love your flower photos- they're always more than "pretty." The spider silhouette if particularly amazing!

Abigail said...

I'm surprised you let yourself type that comment about flower photos not requiring an artistic eye. I'm sure you've seen plenty that could benefit from one. (If you can't find any, check out the recent post entitled "Peonies" on Shotsnaps, your favorite blog in the entire universe.) Seriously, your flower photos are artistic, which is the reason why they stand apart from the crowd, which is the reason why I like them.

The End.

Also, hay mows are the very marrow of summer childhood.

Lastly, where on earth did you find that nifty-looking pan for the grill? Is it designed for grill use or is it makeshift? I've never seen such a thing, but can imagine how handy it would be for summer eating!

beth said...

chicken purse!!! and the gorgeous photo above it . . . and the fun of gilligan's islandesque leaf bedecking . . .

relished every glimpse, as always.

Rebecca said...

Lindsey- summer does bring outdoor living, doesn't it? Makes up (a bit) for my reclusiveness in winter.

Beth- the secret to my kabobs was plunking them on a stick and grilling them. ha! They say (whoever THEY are) that if you are having problems with some foods getting overcooked and others getting undercooked on your kabobs, to do the similar foods on the sticks. For example- all meat kabobs, all pepper kabobs, etc.

I figured beef has varying levels of doneness, so it is kinda a win-win for a ginger-glazed pineapple and beef kabob. I always start my meat out on a HOT grill (hottest settings) and then, once seared, I turn it to low.

Oh- and put a meat chunk on last- they seem not to slide off as easily.

Margo- we picked up the first season at Walmart for like $10.00. You probably could find it somewhere on here- but I couldn't tell you where. (Movie nights are FUN! You should do them!)

Lena- thank you. AND I love your name. That is on our 'girl' list, if ever a girl is given us again. :-)

Rosie- it's raining...it's pouring.

Quinn- thank you. He was a sneaky little guy and went to the opposite side every time I tried to get him. Then, I gave up and took his shadow. ;-)

Abigail- pshaw about the peonies. Right on about the favorite blog in the universe bit. And THAT pan was a yardsale find once upon a time. I remember packing it up with our things to move into this place and wondering why I had never used it (it had sat in my cupboard tucked way in a back cupboard where I promptly forgot about it.) I *ALMOST* dropped it off at Salvo's because why have something you don't use? But I didn't. So now I use it. And yes, I think it is actually meant for a grill. The handle even folds up!

Beth- you remembered! :-)

Natural Mama said...

I love your blog and your simple life filled with children and fun. I never get to comment because I'm always reading on my phone, but thanks to McDonald's WiFi, I can comment tonight from my laptop! I am a regular reader and can always feel kindred spirits with ya from your posts. I have six kids, ages 10 to newborn, love to garden, live in a fixer-upper (my kids are the fourth generation to live in our house) and have a small-scale farm. (oh, and adore my husband as you do yours! :)
Lovin the simple life!

Rebecca said...

Thank you Micky D's!

(And thanks for the note Monica~ it was good to hear from you! It is always nice to find someone going through the same things and I always enjoy the all too-infrequent moments when this blog becomes TWO sided instead of one.

Renata said...

I love how your blog always puts me in the mood for the opposite season :) I just love coming & 'visiting' your beautiful summer days when we are freezing cold in the middle of winter :)
Enjoy them & don't worry ~ you can never post too many flower pictures!