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Friday, June 07, 2013

Good Stuff: Food for Thought

I have intended (for too long) to do a post about the great books I have been reading lately- a book post, as it were.  But the longer I put it off (pictures are so tempting-and quick!- to post!) the more I began to find other very interesting reads/resources tickling my brain cells- and not all in book form.

So here is the long awaiting book post I alluded to a good month (or two) ago- with a few jots and tittles thrown in for good measure....just in time for the weekend!

My current book pile

Some HIGHLY recommended books:

This book is a celebration of days..one that you sip on throughout the year, not chug in a weekend.  Each day of the year, the authors compile important moments in history that "Happened On This Day".  There are quotes, there are some historical moments/topics expounded upon, daily scripture readings and there are plenty of dates for each day that are of interest to everyone. A perfect illustration of His Story from the beginning of time.

I enjoy it immensely and have added it to our lunch/bible time since the beginning of the year.  Though it is written for the adult, even the children enjoy hearing about different things that happened 'on this day'.  There have been plenty of discussions brought about by this book and plenty more little 'education pegs' hung because of it.  What is truly incredible to me is that it seems we just start learning about something/someone and then we read about him/her in it!

Wanna know what happened TODAY in history?  


(I've recommended the movie, I've linked to the breakfast speech, Corynn was reading this book last month (and incidentally, read aloud one of his speeches to me while I was making supper because she thought is was so good!) and now I have to share my Dr. Carson love once more.  The man is brilliant in whatever his chosen media.)

America, the Beautiful is a thoughtful book on our current crisis in America- how we got here, how we can fix the problem(s) and with plenty of history on the principles that first formed our nation .  He takes a very discouraging topic about a very discouraging state of present affairs and somehow leaves you feeling encouraged by the end.  If you live in America, you must read this book.

The man needs to run for President.

This is not a diet book.  It is a science book.  This book outs the modern day view of 'consuming less calories than you expend' as being totally off base.  It is thoroughly researched and well documented- but the fact is, I have been so indoctrinated with the "Eat less, Exercise More" it is REALLY hard to believe!  There are some real head scratchers here- like when Mr. Taubes explains that you don't get fat from overeating, but you overeat because you are fat.  (That statement makes absolutely no sense unless you read the book.  READ THE BOOK.)  His main premise is not in how MUCH you eat, but WHAT you eat.  And if you think he is going to tell you to eat low-fat, boy, you've got another thing coming.

It is well written~ the research is there, the science is there, the rationale makes such sense that by the end you have a hard time believing anything else...but it does contradict EVERYTHING that modern nutritionists would tell you.  I would love to have a doctor read this book and give me his/her thoughts on the matter.  Unfortunately, I am afraid I would be an easy girl to convince.  I am a pretty gullible girl.  ESPECIALLY when I want to believe I can eat as much bacon as I want for the rest of my days.

 Speaking of books- have you heard about goodreads.com?  You probably have.  I am probably the last person on the face of the earth to discover it....never the less, I DID discover it and if you haven't-you should!

Basically, an online reading log where you can keep track of (and share!) books you have read, rate them and review them.  You can also keep track of books you WANT to read.  Not to mention: you can see what your friends/family/role models are reading and how they rate/review THEIR books.

I think by now it is pretty clear that I am a big Doug Wilson fan, so guess how excited I was to find HIS page.  Lots of good books to read there!  Here is mine. (I just started it so it is pretty pathetic looking right now.)


A few TED talks for your perusal:

(He is always so great.  Such great humor rounding out such great truths.)

(I like what she had to say about comparative literature...)


Heard of Hillsdale College?  They have a free online course called The Hillsdale Dialogues: A Survey of Great Books, Great Men and Great Ideas that I am super excited to listen to.

And when I found that, I also found these free courses on American History and the Constitution which I look forward to getting to eventually as well.


With the school year winding down- I am looking forward with the children to having a book-rich summer of reading.  I found these lists of good book recommendations that I will go through for inspiration.
The lists:

1-3rd grade reading level.

4th-5th grade reading level

6th-8th grade reading level

I hope to get a list made of one required reading book per week through the summer- and plenty of great books AVAILABLE for fun reading all summer.   If/when I actually MAKE that list- I will share it here.  ;-)


Finally, when your children are reading those books...make sure they get a reward for it!  Barnes and Noble is offering their summer reading program again.  Read and log 8 books and get a FREE book.

Andrew is super excited to be able to do it this year too!

Have a relaxing weekend!


...they call me mommy... said...

*sigh* I love book posts...I'll have to come back here and look closer at these recommendations! *yawn* I'm tired right now...added you as a friend on Goodreads...love that place...just wait till you get a load of my TO READ list! LOL! ;) :P Your bed is soooo dern perty! :D I LOVE THAT pillow case...did you embroider it??? :)

Bless you...sweet dreams! :)

Anna Yager said...

I love books of days. Yours is part of a long and ancient line of such. The one I'm using right now is something that you might like (of course, with a book pile like yours it might take you about 15 years to get to it). It's called "Blessings of the Daily" by Brother Victor-Antoine d'Avila-Latourrette. The monastery he lives in is in Millbrook, NY and he is the gardener there, so of course his daybook is full of changes in the seasons and in the garden. If you like cookbooks, he has written several full of simple and lovely recipes that they use in the monastery, using the things that they grow in their garden.

Catie said...

I really like some of the TED talks. The Hubby and I watch them on Netflix. I'll have to check those two out. :)

And don't you just love Goodreads?!

I really want to read "Why We Get Fat.." My husband, I'm sure, would love it as well.

Can't wait to check out your children's book lists! Those are always fun to look through. So many books.. so little time.

Marlene Bibby said...

I don't know how you find the time to do all you do. I get tired reading your post that I can't leave a comment! Just kidding. So happy for you!

Abigail said...

Q: Why We Get Fat
A: The Darn Candy Jar That's Conveniently Located in the Same Room as the Computer

I love books. I love book lists.

I have more to say on this post and others, but I'll have to come back another day because I was just beckoned upstairs by Little People who are supposed to be in bed. Sp much for hopping on the computer...

Until tomorrow, adieu.

Abigail said...

Sp mpuch por popping on the pomputer.
(I hate typos.)