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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Another ????

I have a question for you all, again, and would LOVE your input on the subject. So, here is a poll...without the 'poll'. :-)

Hypothetically speaking:

If you were to purchase something online, say, from at Etsy shoppe..would you be MORE inclined to purchase with a picture of the item MODELED on a child...or would that be a turnoff?

This pillowcase dress is lovely. I LOVE it. I imagine it would be so funky and vibrant ON a child but it seems so....BORING...on a hanger. I could very EASILY have Corynn model it-it is her size...but I didn't want to do that, for fear that people would think it was second-hand or had already been worn before.

SO...what do YOU think? Should I have 'models' when and where I CAN? Or should I stick with the hanger bit???

Thanks in advance for any input you are willing to give!
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Mrs. MK said...

I think that a great photo sells the item! (of course, I am still working on the "great photo" part myself!!)

Go for it---just make sure that it's known that your work is new.

I love your photography style, I'm sure you'll do well in ETSY.

Hannah said...

I'd buy it based on your blog photo! It looks wonderful!

Mrs. B. said...

I think a photo with a child in the dress would help immensely, especially on Corynn. She is so adorable without the dress. How could you go wrong?!

Tracy said...

The fabric looks very lovely! I'd buy it either way. If you do show it on Corynn, I'd simply make a point to say that the dress is new.

Do you have a child's dress form? That would be another option. They are very easy to make.

Here's a link from when I made one for myself:


Kelli said...

I'd buy it either way but I always like to see it on a model (and Corynn is such a cute one!) so I can see exactly how it will look
The dress looks so pretty in the picture!

Leah S said...

I think a one-time modeling is fine. I would make sure it looks like a model and not a kid playing, you know? So doll her up in a hat, with flowers or some other girly item. Don't model her near the dirt patch, sand, animals, other kids. :)

Elizabeth said...

I'd do both!!! Your photography is wonderful, but you capture children so well, I would definately do both because it shows what it looks like on, rather than just hanging on the hanger, however the other can get up closer to show more detail. And if you ever need a small model, Sweet Pea would be more than happy to oblige ;)

Dana said...

I've wondered the exact same thing, for the same reasons. I have noticed that on eBay, the boutique outfits are always modeled on a little girl and not a hanger. These outfits go for $100 or more at times! Maybe we should do an experiment and make similar dresses and photograph one on a hanger and one on a child and see what happens!?! If you listed both in your etsy store and one had more hits than the other, or sold faster, that might tell you/us something. I might just have to try this experiment myself!

Training Hearts said...

I'd love to see both actually :) I think everyone above has said basically what I would have :)

Lin said...

I think that a picture with the child would be great so you can see how it actually looks.

However, I would make sure that people was aware that it is a new and not used item. I would not buy a used item for my child. Call me snobbish if you want, but I don't like the idea of previously owned clothes.

Sommer said...

I have to say either way is good...your pictures of the items on hangers are so sweet and lovely, that I think they would sell fine. Of course, it is also really nice to see them on someone too.
Your work is great, so I think you will be fine with either decision.

By the way, I think this is my first time commenting on your blog. I found you from Jewels' blog and I have to say I really enjoy your writing style. So open and honest. Anyways, I'll be back often:-)

Lots of love,

Rebecca said...

Thanks to everyone for your input! I think the vote was unanimous! I am going to do a bit of a modelling session this very afternoon!

Tracy~Thanks so much for the link. I thought you were very PROFESSIONAL when I saw you had your own form for that blouse you made!

Lin~SNOB! :-) Just kidding. I wouldn't like to see 'used' clothing on a handmade ETSY store either. Although I fully admit that most of our clothes ARE used-from yard and thrift sales....

Sommer~thank you for your comment and for visiting me! I appreciate your kind words more than you know and hope I see you again sometime!

Anonymous said...

Hi! i would say......both because you're photography is wonderful. :) I do have an E-bay store (I sell clippies and korker bows and all that)and it seems if my daughter models...it seems to be bid on more..... Hope that helps! Good Luck to ya! Let us know how you like ETSY. Stephanie

Anonymous said...

In catalogues they use models and that helps buyers....I think it is like trying to sell a house without furniture. Folks have a hard time visualizing somethings. I say give it a try!

Crystal in Pahrump