What you do in your house is worth as much as if you did it up in heaven for our Lord God. We should accustom ourselves to think of our position and work as sacred and well-pleasing to God, not on account of the position and work, but on account of the word and faith from which the obedience and the work flow. ~ Martin Luther

Thursday, August 09, 2007

A few to share

There are quite a few things I want to share with my blogging pals and my "future family" today- so many, in fact, that I can't get to them ALL right now.

This weekend most of my family is coming out for our second annual "Cantrell Family Camping Trip" and so the rest of the day (and tomorrow) will be devoted to preparing for that. The house, the food, etc. LOTS to do. People start pouring in tomorrow evening.

I will say, I took your advice and gave Corynn a five minute modelling session yesterday for Etsy. In those five minutes I took probably 15-20 FUN shots. And now I don't know which to use and some, I just like for myself-NOT for Etsy. I would love to share them all with you but I have run out of time now. Those will be saved for the time when my to-do list is ALL checked off!

Have a pleasant day everyone!

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smilnsigh said...

As you know, I love how you keep your little girl.... looking all-little-girl. If only all mommmies would.

But, from the experience of having one Grand who was a 'tom-boy,' it's just not possible, with all little girls.

Hehhh... You know I don't really mean that! You know I'd never allow any child to dictate clothing to me. In my book, the parent is the parent and the child is the child and that's that.

Mmmm, I'm not sounding like such a soft and cuddly Nana-type, am I? Nope. 'Cause I'm not such, all the time. -grin-


Rebecca said...

Maybe not, but it is a breath of fresh air.

Let me tell you, I get SO tired of the 'be the best friend' mind set of adults. You CAN'T be all soft and snuggly all the time, unless you want a bunch of BRATS ruling the world when you leave it!


You have given me hope that I am not alone! :-)

Betty-Jo said...

I love the pictures that you have shared. The family one is so cute. You have a wonderful family. Have fun on the camping trip. God bless you and your family.