What you do in your house is worth as much as if you did it up in heaven for our Lord God. We should accustom ourselves to think of our position and work as sacred and well-pleasing to God, not on account of the position and work, but on account of the word and faith from which the obedience and the work flow. ~ Martin Luther

Monday, August 23, 2010

Be ye forewarned!

Throughout the life of this blog, I have been contacted privately on many occasions by Renaissance readers/visitors who have voiced problems with the content of my blog. Not surprisingly, most of the hate-mail I have received from non-believers has been on the content of my writing. No big surprise there. Interestingly, however, my photographs have brought about hate-mail from fellow Christians and 80% of it has been positively vicious. So vicious, in fact, I have nearly deleted this blog countless times and given up on the blogging thing altogether.

I expect non-believers to be vicious. Vicious CHRISTIANS though? What a sad testament we give, what terrible representatives of Christ we become.

The (bad) input I have received about my photographs have been that they are inappropriate, immodest, or too revealing of private, sacred institutions. Interspersed throughout this post are some of the "culprits" that have brought upon me a sound verbal lashing.

Those vicious ones usually never got a response back from me, they didn't really deserve one. To those few who spoke in love and true concern, I happily discussed and defended my position in private. I figured now is a most wonderful time to bring up the subject openly, here on my blog, since very soon there will be a new little one getting all sorts of photographic attention and some of it will bound to stir up strife.

My blog is a record of our life together and is my (unfortunately, at present) my only record as I haven't printed/scrapbooked or albumed photos since my film camera days. It is a place where I record the joys and beauties of every day in hopes that my children, as they grow, will too discover the true beauty of life in the little bits of living. I want them to know I was a joy seeker, a beauty finder~and I want them to be the same way.

Some of the most beautiful things in life that God has gifted us with is marriage and motherhood. Sadly, this is NOT beauty to todays' culture. They seek beauty elsewhere and despise what is truly good.

I have opened this blog up publicly, to shout from this dusty little corner of the web, that true beauty can be found anywhere-in any predicament-and the culture that we live in does not define it. Not for me. And I pray, not for my children. There is a younger culture out there who are being fed lies through every media venue available, and parents are beginning to buy into it too. What a shame it is that we Christians don't do more to speak up to the glory of God's way.

I do post photographs of love and marriage because this is one of the most beautiful gifts of my life. Feet entangled in a wedding ring quilt-topped bed may be inappropriate to some because of the "hint" of intimacy, but my intent is to convey, through my photographs the great, unabashed intimacy within MARRIAGE. That wedding-ring quilt WAS purposely used in the photograph.

A photograph of neck kisses from your husband may seem inappropriate to some in revealing too much, but the photograph to me represents the deep passion of two people who have saved themselves for one another---and how amazingly wonderful these moments can be. Intimacy within marriage is a beautiful, blessed thing and in my humble opinion, ought to be portrayed as such rather than letting the world maim the beauty of intimacy through trashy novellas and sitcoms. I heard once on television that it is unrealistic for men to remain pure for their spouses "these days" and unfair for women to expect that. I will gladly challenge that theory-that passion can still remain in a monogamous, God-ordained marriage, until my very last breath here on earth-and will do so with a clean and pure conscious. These are bits of the true beauty God has saved for some blessed few and it is about time people recognized them as such.

Naked babies are apparently taboo, as well, for Christians to portray in photographs. At a time when our culture screams that babies can be ripped to shreds or burned to death, or just avoided altogether by pills and surgeries, isn't NOW the time that we Christians start showing the world what it means to cherish these wee darlings? Is there anything so beautiful as the pearly soft skin of a newborn? The smell of a new baby? Are the teeny toes not a miraculous thing to tickle? The ecstasy of a little person, just pulled from within you, warming on your breast~ is this not the epitome of joy?

Motherhood is a most beautiful gift. It is only given to some. It is avoided by many. It is embraced by few. If I can portray just a small bit of this beauty in a way that I deem modest, than I will. For my children to see firsthand what I valued in life. For those who visit here to realize that there is something very beautiful and sacred in the things that the counter-culture loves to despise. And for myself~to draw me into thanksgiving to God. HE is the giver of all these moments of beauty.

I am five days away from a due date to deliver my fourth child~which in my mind really means ANY day (read: should have been YESTERDAY!) . I thought now an appropriate time to discuss these things openly here and to give ample forewarning about what is to come.

I do not, obviously, consider any of my photographs to be immodest. If I did, I would not publish them here--or even take them in the first place. My conscious is clear in regards to my photographs and my intent in sharing them publicly is to be a small voice in a much-too-loud counter-culture, proclaiming the beauty of God's way.

I respect and appreciate the ideals of my fellow believers and their own familial standards of modesty and decency. I also know that I may or may not share them. I value modesty and am teaching my children to value it as well, but may or may not agree with your particular standard. And that is okay. I truly believe that God has put us in different mindsets on this earth so that we might learn to love one another and commune with one another despite our differences. It can be a wonderful training in humility and long-suffering, patience and unconditional love.

All this to say: when Smooch *finally* arrives, there will be plenty of naked baby photographs. There will likely be photographs that portray the joys of motherhood, nursing, bathtimes, and baby parts that I deem to be modest. I would not post them if they weren't. If, for some reason, you consider them immodest or inappropriate I invite you to not offend yourself by coming here.

For as long as this blog is around, I will use my words and my photographs to convey the true beauty of a life lived with eyes open to God's glorious and abounding grace. Totally undeserved. Absolutely mesmorizing. And wonderfully appropriate.

A very FEW::

Intimate gifts of marriage, 8 blissful years this week~

#503 :: hands resting on your husbands silently rising and falling chest
#504 :: hearing your loves heartbeat, as you snuggle on the couch
#505 :: eye sparkles
#506 :: gentle teasing
#507 :: rough housing and laughing so hard you cry
#508 :: him "letting" you tackle him, and win
#509 :: neck kisses
#510 :: impromptu backrubs
#511 :: feet entangled
#512 :: a haven in strong arms
#513 :: a person to share your soul with
#514 :: a man who strokes your head when you are crying so hard it throbs
#515 :: sharing secret words, and not being laughed at
#516 :: being reunited
#517 :: soft lips
#518 :: vanilla perfume, sprayed on my pillow
#519 :: caresses
#520 :: triumphs shared, mourning made strong again

and beautiful bits of motherhood, 7 years ago next week it all began~

#521 :: baby breathes
#522 :: bums hiked up the air while sleeping
#523 :: needing a hug, and always being able to find one
#524 :: contagious laughter
#525 :: naked babies running around the house before bathtime
#526 :: the smell of Johnson and Johnsons on wispy hair
#527 :: fluffy down heads that turn into braids and ringlets in the humidity
#528 :: constant noise
#529 :: never being alone
#530 :: adoration in small eyes, staring back at you
#531 :: stretching yourself to be more Christ-like
#532 :: denying yourself, a most worthy pursuit
#533 :: absolute joy

#503 ~ #533 bits of my amazingly beautiful life. Thank you, Father.

holy experience


Hollace said...

I agree with everything you said. I am amazed that you have received hate mail or even negative feedback. Why do people put a higher priority on their legalism than on love? Jesus wasn't like that. It's so wrong, and it hurts me to think that you have been criticized for sharing your beauty.
Personally, I am dying to see the pictures of your new baby!! Bring it on!

Cheri said...

Beautiful! Thank you for sharing and shame on anyone who misrepresents Jesus by spewing venom. That is not what He died for us to live like....embracing life and His beauty...seems your doing it...keep it up and thanks again for being a blessing.

Elisha said...

I have now and again jumped over from Crabapple Pond and have been encouraged and inspired by the content of your blog (all pictures included). Be encouraged, thank you for representing truth!

stephaniegiese said...

I'm a new follower and from one Christian mom to another, I think your pictures are just beautiful.

Mrs. Bowen said...

Wow. I don't understand the hate mail. I love how you portray the love between you and your husband in your photos and posts. Seems like good publicity for marriage to me! And naked babies? How can that be offensive? They're so sweet! Oh well. I hope you don't let the meanies convince you to shut down your blog because I really enjoy visiting :)

Mrs. Bowen

Bonnie said...

I always want to ask christians (and I use that term loosely), where in the Bible God commands us to lambast a person when we don't like what they say or do. Or if that verse about the plank and a speck was just useless ramblings on Jesus' part.
If anyone knows or "knows" you, they know that this is "Rebecca for Real". She who sees beauty in everything, and captures it with God-given talent via her camera.

I'm sorry you have occasionally had to do posts like this (I remember some similar ones from the past), but glad you aren't through up your hands and giving in. Turn those flaming arrows right back around toward the enemy!

Mama to two kindjes said...

I appreciate the beauty of your blog, the honesty in which you share your world, life and family! Thanks for posting!

nytesong said...

I haven't posted a comment recently to your blog because I don't check it everyday. I don't because I like to save up a whole bunch of posts and have two to three 'pages' of beautiful heartfelt posts to look through and read. I save them for when I need a bit of beauty and inspiration in my life.

Thank you for sharing. =)

Dana said...

I began visiting because of Photo Fridays and stuck around because I enjoy looking at your photos and reading your content. Hardly offensive! Take care--looking forward to "meeting" little Smooch soon!

Paula said...

Your blog and your photos are beautiful and I have always enjoyed 'visiting'. Honestly, who could find a naked baby picture offensive! I can't wait to see any and all pictures of Smooch!

I don't understand why people feel the need to be vitriolic about other people's blogs. It is your blog, to do with as you will. They don't have to read it if they don't like it do they!

I'm sorry you have had to deal with negativity about your blog. Don't change a thing. We love you just the way you are!


Sylvia said...

First time delurking. I had to comment on this because you need to know the other side.
I found you through Tracy. The first post I read in here was some dinner you had set up for your husband. And you both were dancing on your patio. I should have delurked then. But I did not. I was scared. But I copied you. The dinner part anyway. We do not dance (well the western dances anyway) because I am an immigrant from Asia. My choices are not yours and some may even be offensive to you. But I think we have more things in common than not. The reason I visit blogs is that American christianity confuses me. I come from a country where less than 10% is christian. There were no mega churches and even if there were denominations and theology no one seemed to fight a lot about them as they seem to do in America. So I set out to find who the normal American christians are. And found blogs like yours.
One thing I love about your blog is your ability to write wonderfully and with clarity. You not only have a talent of pictures with a camera, but with words too. Word picures in fact.
I do not home school but I have copied your tree book idea, your saturday traditions and so on. I cook a lot, but not American food. I have used some of your recipies too.
You unabashedly celebrate your marriage and your love for your husband which is a joy to see. There is something so beautiful about that. And you are a wonderful mother. Only someone who is blind or who can see but blinded by something else cannot see that IMO. And people who are insecure or jealous will criticize that.
Please continue blogging. You are a tremendous blessing to a lot of people more than you know.

God bless you and give you a safe delivery and a healthy baby.

The dB family said...

Beautiful beautiful post!! I agree with you wholeheartedly. Even though I very rarely comment, I want you to know I truly appreciate your blog and the honesty and beauty with which you bless your readers.

Praying that you have a safe delivery and healthy baby SOON :o).

Blessings to you!

Shanna said...


I just wanted to encourage you and thank you for your blog! Your beautiful pictures...whether of your marraige or your babies...have only inspired me to cherish my own husband and babies even more.

Riahli said...

I never would have thought any one would criticize your pictures...I've never thought they were inappropriate in any way. I love how you capture the simple true joys of life. Of your life. Makes me pause and take in the simple things in my life as well. I think unfortunately some people feel the need to put others down, point out what they feel the other is doing wrong, so that they can feel better about themselves. It's wonderful that you know where you stand in your life and with God so much so that you don't need to let the comments bring you down. I enjoy your beautiful pictures and can't wait to see the new little one!

hmsclmom said...

I am so sorry that some people who profess to being Christians cannot see the beauty in your photographs and how you show the love that you have for your beautiful family through your writings and photos. Your pictures to me show the innocence of childhood pleasures, the sanctity of marriage and life and the beauty that God has created for all of us to enjoy. As a married Christian woman of 25 years, former homeschooling mother of 3 now grown sons and mother-in-law of a sweet young woman whom we prayed that God would bring to our son since he was a baby, I can honestly say that your blog has been a blessing. I find peace and beauty when I "visit". Please don't ever let a few rather vocal nasty people discourage you. You keep on documenting these precious years through your photos and writing. I personally believe that you are bringing honor to God through your blog.


Anonymous said...

i visit your blog daily. sometimes twice a day hoping for more. ignore the mean hateful people who leave less than lovely comments. they're just rude. i love you {and your blog} just the way you are. i cannot wait to see the newest addition to your family. i open your blog each day hoping for a newborn picture.

much love

Alisha said...

I can't believe people are harassing you! I think your blog is a beautiful place, I love to visit it because your home is gorgeous, welcoming, and looks so peaceful. Your pictures are breathtaking, and the way you value your family soaks through my computer screen to touch my heart. I am so glad I found your blog. It's a nice little oasis online. :) I hope the "blog love" far out weighs the haters.

And I'm with the others: Cannot wait to see SMOOCH!!! Bring on the nudie baby pics!!! My baby is 4 now... and started kindergarten today. **cries** Quick! Someone bring me a baby to sniff!!!

Kris in TN said...

I never comment much, but you know that I love your blog and your photos!

And for those that don't believe that men can "save" themselves for marriage, they should talk to my brother-in-law who was 37 when he married my sister and she was his "first!

I hope the birth goes smoothly - I'll keep you in my thoughts!

Kris Price

Terri said...

Oh good grief! I always find it so interesting that people choose to write unkind things when they disagree with a personal blog. My feeling is that if I find a picture offensive (which I haven't), I wouldn't look at it. I certainly wouldn't sit down and write you a comment blasting you.

You have a beautiful blog, Rebecca. Keep on keeping on!

Mar said...

Oh,for crying out loud? WHY are people reading the blog if they don't approve? I can people reading different news/political sites to get different points of view, but why spend time reading a blog when you disapprove of the content? That makes no sense!

I love your blog,love your pictures,love the homemade Christmas from last year, love it all. Intimacy within marriage and motherhood should be honored, revered, and celebrated, not criticized when when expressed publicly, openly, and lovingly! Please don't let those who disapprove stop you from blogging about these wonderful, blessed subjects.

P.S. Not to make you jealous, but my daughter was already 19 days old on the day that was 5 days before her due date...

goatmilker said...

Wonderful pictures and wonderful post. Keep up the good work. God bless you and your family. Have a great night Rebekah.

Elisabeth LaMouria said...

Do NOT give up - be encouraged! What would I give to have some of the photos you have taken? They are BEAUTIFUL! Amazing, and reflect truely amazing intimate - be appropriate moments in your life. I have been encouraged so much by your blog and the love your family shares with each other. You are a truly talented photographer and I have really enjoyed following your blog. Do not give up because of the opposition. Those who claim the name of Christ and judge like that must have forgotten what they were saved from - because it's not our place to condem like that. That's what I believe at leats. Thank you for this beautiful post and the amazing photos. My husband and I both can relate to the bed photo and the kiss photo - BEAUTIFUL, passionate, and YES in the bounds of marriage! So amazing. Read my post on sex - that should get some of your readers off your back! haha!
With you for His glory,

Lindsey's Photographs said...

I love your blog! I am a mama of 4 and love all things handmade. I love the simplicity you have. And the ability to make it beautiful. You are very encouraging. And have NEVER been offended by anything you have posted. As Christians I think we need to hold each other accountable. But this is so sadly taken too far. Keep it up. And be sure I will be saying a prayer for a safe delivery of smooch. Which im am VERY excited for your new little blessing.
~Lindsey :)

Leah said...

Exactly what you said -
People are free to quit offending themselves by visiting your blog.

I was trying to find some old paintings representing "motherhood" for some of my blog posts and I was amazed how many paintings and carvings and engravings there were of mothers unabashedly nursing their babies. At first it took me by surprise but as I pondered it, I was glad and actually comforted that people were attempting to portray and celebrate the wonderful and yet so down to earth miracle of God's creation and what it was meant for.

I know there is a line that can be crossed, but I don't see that line crossed in any of the photos I've seen on your blog.

And as for intimate moments not being displayed before others - think of a wedding ceremony. The first act of the newly married couple (after holy communion) is to KISS!!! IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE CONGREGATION!!! IN A CHURCH BUILDING!!! And why is everyone cheering at such a shameless act???

...they call me mommy... said...

Oh man...CRAZY! :( Sorry that you have to put up with that, Rebecca! I love your photos! I think they are so sweet and honest! Thanks for sharing your list today...what a wonderful bunch of things to be thankful for!!!

And can I just give you a (((HUG))) and tell you I can't WAIT for and am counting on 1,000's of Smootch & Mama photos! :)

...they call me mommy... said...

PS- Please don't stop blogging! You are such a blessing and encouragement!! :(

Shanzanne said...

Dear Rebecca,
Just a lurker who LOVES your blog... I found you via Eyes of Wonder. My most favorite posts of yours are ones that show these beautiful moments in your family. Your life give me hope, as I'm a divorced mom of my own Adi Mae living in a tiny apartment. We left an abusive marriage and gave up the farm house and the dream of a large family, but your life inspires me to strive for the beautiful and meaningful, no matter where I am. I can give my daughter experiences that fill her with wonder and joy, and the peace of living in Jesus. Thank you for sharing your beautiful life with us. (just wanted to counteract some of the negative)

Heather @ Marine Corps Nomads said...

Your pictures are beautiful, tasteful, and filled with emotion.

It takes more time to send hate mail than it does to just move away from the blog. I'm sorry that they've chosen to go out of their way to try to belittle you and discourage you.

You are a passionately, loving person. Please do not allow these naysayers bring you down.

Melissa said...


First, "you go girl!".....thank you for being brave enough to stand tall and proud and "call out" those who send you hate mail. This is YOUR blog and you can, quite frankly, do what you want to with it. You choose to document beautiful photos and beautiful moments....all to HIS glory.

Second, I think everyone (and I am sure I need this reminder at times to) should remember the old phrase "People in glass houses......". :)

Have a wonderful day! I can't wait until the day I see the first nakey photos of little Smooch!!


Full of Grace said...

It's been said and then some.

It's apparent by the your comments that a great majority love you, your family, your photographs, and participating in your life thru what you write. There must be one or two bad apples out there who are speaking out of jealousy for in their lives are lacking what you so vividly possess. They are writing negative things to bring you down into their lives where pieces of their happiness puzzle are missing.

I am sorry for the fact that this is "brewing" around the time for you to birth your child. You don't need added stress and I am very sorry for this added frustration.

As I've dealt with what you are dealing with when it comes to blogs, I really wish that those that do not approve or agree, and cannot be silent should just not come, but unfortunately the desire to visualize your life is too great and they are drawn to the attractiveness of it, even if it makes them feel poorer about themselves (they really truly just need to keep their conflicts silent though for this is YOUR blog and you should not have to censor Any of it!)

On two happy notes- look at how many people love you and your blog and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! :) May God bless you and Matt with many more years together in His service. Love Ya Sis

Rosemary said...

Beautiful photos, beautiful writing, beautiful person.
If you do not agree, no one is forcing you to visit.

Anonymous said...

I too am a Christian....and if I didn't think something was appropriate I just wouldn't visit that site again.....keep up the wonderful work that you are doing!

Crystal in Pahrump

Peggy said...

As you well know I admire you and your blog... I will be praying for you as you are being attacked!

Happy Anniversary!!! I am so glad you have had 8 wonderful years together and that you will soon be joined another blessing!!! I can't wait... and I know you are more than willing for this little one to arrive!
Love ya,

Michelle G said...

Oh I totally agree!

You have a beautiful peaceful loving way of showing what is important to you.

I can't wait to see pictures of smooch!

Wishing you much peace and love as you prepare for the arrival of that little one! Rub your "baby belly" ! (I know it's easy to feel like you're "all belly" at this point - but I always miss it later on)

Michelle @

Elizabeth said...

I just LOVED this post!! Everything you said was right on! And I am so delighted to read all the above comments.

I will be thinking of you often this week as little Smooch arrives.

I can't wait to see ALL the baby pictures ;) And thank you for sharing!!!

Anonymous said...

Im a frequent lurker...I dont have a blog yet...Im also a Christian. I love your blog! The photos are amazing.. Your style of writing is poetic and intriguing. Please dont let some angry, Jelous, self righteous people ruin it for the rest of us. You inspire me to wanna be a better momma to my babies. Keep blessing us!

~Simply Regina~ said...

Dear Sweet Rebecca,

If you were sitting here beside me telling me all of this, I would probably cry with you, pray with you, hug you and then watch all of our children interact with one another over some tea. I can't do that right now though. I'm not exactly sure where you guys are living in PA, but surely it isn't too far from us. ;)

The only one who truly sees your heart is the Lord Himself. Matt can see it too, but God sees the whole thing. Only He can judge your intentions. Those who are "gossipers and slanderers and busybodies" who really don't have much else to do with their time than to trash a lovely, wonderful God glorifying woman who is with child, need to get a better hobby. Just shake the dust off your feet and move on without a thought. If they email you again, just be sure you make note of the tone of the beginning of their email, close it immediately and click that "delete" button. It isn't worth more of your already precious time.

I thank God for you dear sweet friend. Your voice is one of pure joy that should be celebrated by all for the glorification of all things pure and lovely.

Take care of yourself these last days before Smooch arrives.


Pink Panda said...

You go girl. I seem to be writing that a lot lately but that's how I feel. I am a Christian and Mormon and have 7 kids in my family and my hubby has 9. My kids have 40 cousins. I have 4 kids. We want more. Good luck with your up coming birth. We all here at Renaissance will be praying for you, your family and a healthy, happy birth and baby.


lisa said...

I am a totally prudish conservative Christian :)

With that preface, I assuredly do not see anything offensive in the pictures you posted above. They make my heart sing!! I feel blessed when I see them!

I especially love little Miss Muffet on the potty! Have we lost so much in our modern world that the sight of children being children chafes us?

Christ keep you and Baby during your delivery -

Lisa@End of the Lane said...

Hi Rebecca! I am a long-time lurker who felt like today is the day to say how much I love your blog. I always know that when I "visit" you I will either learn something new, get a good chuckle, or see the beautiful faces of your children, how sweet! I have never once been offended by anything you have ever posted, just the opposite, I am usually left with a happiness that there are still people out there who love their husband, and live their lives for their children.
Sorry it took me so long to comment!
Lisa S.

Anonymous said...


I really appreciate your blog and the perspective you bring through word and image. "Encouraging pleasures and thoughts into the MANY realms of womanhood"--yes, indeed! :) You do this tastefully and beautifully here.

These "culprit" photographs have been among my favorites on your blog--truly art and in the highest sense because you're so clearly celebrating all that the Lord has blessed you with, in all their particular beauty which HE gave them when He created. All glory is given to Him. Thank you for showing that following His way is REALLY wonderful, is REALLY abundant LIFE. (I LOVED the imagery of wedding ring quilt, especially.)

May the Lord bless you--I am praying for Smooch's debut and checking in daily for an announcement. :) Please continue to inspire and remind this delighted wife and momma to celebrate and give thanks for His many blessings, making the most of every moment granted her.


Mrs. Rebekah S.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your blog ~ your pictures, your words ~

your family is lovely ~ and your heart shines ~


Anonymous said...

I love this blog. You are so pretty and honest. Please know that your love of your family is so encouraging. I especially love how you reach out to your extended family. Weekly hand-written letters? Who does that anymore? You do!
You are so special and appreciated and I love watching you learn new things.
I love my husband more than you love yours, (lol), and I enjoy hearing you talk about it!

Best wishes on the delivery, I can't wait!
Sincerely, Kimberly

Lana said...

... it's kinda funny, all those 'offensive' pictures have been some of my favorites ;)

Keep blogging. You might consider this: awhile back i had a couple people that were obviously people we knew from church - the church my hubby grew up in, the church we have since left - were leavig very hateful and judgemental comments on my blog anonymously (i knew they were from church people because of the content though, and what they referred to). sometimes the comments were just unkind about something i'd said, other times personal attacks on my husband and i that had nothing to do with my blog.... people can be so juvenile and hurtful.
Anyways, Luke (my man, that is) and i talked about what to do, quit blogging? turn of comments? and finally decided to turn on comment moderation and make the new comment notification go to Luke - he works at a computer job and so every time there is a new comment he gets an email, and if it's nasty he goes to my blogger control panel and deletes it immediately, as a way of being my protector and spiritual authority.
Later we still got hateful anonymous comments and so i left a notice saying 'no anonymous comments' on my comment box, with a new policy to delete any anonymous comments immediately just because they're anonymous...

Don't know if your husband would want to moderate your comments for you, or if he'd have time (a lot of husband's wouldn't have time, i know, but since Luke's a writer - at the computer all the time - and i get so few comments, it works for us)

It is sad that people can be so judemental and unkind.

I hope you keep blogging for a long time, your beautiful pictures make me want to be a better and better homemaker and bring more beautiful things into our lives. you inspire me and i would be so sad to never see a picture of your kids or your flowers or your projects again!

Sharon said...

I have been away visiting my daughter and family and I just couldn't wait to get home today to visit your blog and learn if little Smooch had made the grand entrance yet. Oh my dear, I am just shocked to think that someone would write you hate mail of any kind. Your blog is so wonderful and filled with love. Your pictures are so wonderful. There is nothing offensive or unChristian in anything you post. How can they find offense in the love that you share with your husband and children. You take care of yourself and get as much rest as you can. I pray you have a safe and easy delivery and I can't wait to see pics of little Smooch. I am so happy for you. xoxox

Jerelene said...

Dear Rebecca,
As a very long time reader of your blog...I have never felt anything was inappropriate. Your life and the love and pictures that you share, are a blessing to others. They are an inspiration!! You are the first page I click to each time I get on the computer. Your pictures, your family and you..are all beautiful!! I respect you so much for sharing your personal opinions and life with others...Your love of God shows through every post and picture!! God intended us to marry and love...your pictures with your hubby and family are blessed :)
I have heard of so many bloggers who have quit because of hateful comments. Some turn their blogs to private even. It's hard to believe how hateful some people can be, and in the name of Jesus at that. Please don't let some hatefulness cause you to quit sharing the love of Jesus to others through your blog. Again..you are an inspiration to so many :)
Thinking of you and hoping for a easy and safe delivery. Can't wait to see some sweet pics of baby "Smooch"..

Bobbi said...

I actually signed up for an account so i could share with you...

I am a christian woman 8 months married 6months pregnant, I also saved myself for my husband, and WE prayed and sought the Lord about our marriage, and now are blissfully married, and are daily living by the Grace of God who is the sustainer of our marriage!

With all that said, I have been SO blessed for your out look on life, Your blog is encouraging for how we are interested in raising our family, Home schooling and everything!

So thank you for the beauty, for your view, and your honesty... praise the Creator who made your marriage (and the lovely moments within it) and who created you to do your art (photography... baking etc)

Thank you for being you!

Blessings my dear sister in Christ!

jaya said...

I first came to your blog from a tutorial list, about a pillowcase dress you made for your child. i was so fascinated by your blog that i sat and read your whole blog... it took me a month, (busy mom here) but it changed my perspective towards parenting. one day, my little baby will thank you. I was brought up in a strict Christian home, and you-(yes, you, Rebecca) showed me in pictures and words- how much love goes into a house to make it a home.
I admit I am shy, I get uncomfortable watching physical intimacy at all, whether clothed or not. It is the way I was raised, we never showed our love, I don’t remember my mom ever hugging me, and yet she was a very loving mom. If I would take pictures like yours for my scrapbook, I’d never publish it on my blog. I would not want other people to see it. That’s the way I am.
Different people come from different worlds, and in my worldview, your pictures (those featured today are some of my favourites)never are immodest.. They are intimate, beautiful, a poem in every picture. The result of a god-given gift in photography.
I understand that this is your personal blog, you will post your memories, your opinions, and your pictures. Understand that being a public blog means anyone can read it, like a newspaper. Just like people write letters to the editor, they write to you. Only, this is your life and you are the editor, so sometimes you get to feel personally attacked. Thank you for ignoring it, Rebecca. Thank you for explaining. Thank you for keeping your blog public so others can be inspired by your life and your perspective.