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Thursday, August 19, 2010


Any girl will do.

I got all Anne Geddes-inspired and turned a simple white baby hat, THIS...

into a very fru-fru hydrangea bloom, THIS...

using just a bit of hotglue.

I can't tell if it will look darling or dorky on a baby, but I look forward to finding out.

I have this secret dream (don't laugh) of starting a labor and delivery/ newborn photography business, so I can rationalize making little things like this even if Smooch is a boy. I am VERY good at rationalizing, let me tell you.

My only regret is that I didn't first DYE the white fabric to be purple~a few white fabric specks still show through a bit.


Bonnie said...

Absolutely DARLING, absolutely NOT dorky! What about a bit of fabric paint on the white spots?
I'd have you photograph my L&D, but well, for all we know our babies could be born the same day!

Melodie said...

How Adorable! You could always put it in your etsy shop...you know, just in case I have a girl next?.; )

Dawn said...

that hat is awesome! quite reminiscent of the swim caps worn by my mother and her mother before her.

Rosemary said...

I love the hat! I am one of the oldies who had a swim cap like that. LOL I think you dream of a newborn photography business is awesome.

Bill & Stacy said...

I too share your dream! I have made several colors of those baby cocoons and a cute bear hat. One day my photography skills will catch up with my dreams! Keep dreaming and keep making all this cute stuff!

Tracy said...

Now is NOT the time for this in you life, but have you ever heard of Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep? I've recently taken a photography class, and the teacher was telling us about this organization that goes to the hospital and takes photos of babies and families when they know the baby won't live. He explained that when it first started a prominent photographer was doing a shoot and got a call wondering if she could come to the hospital to document a baby's last hours. After doing the shoot with wires, etc. they unhooked the bay, and did the entire shoot again. The couple was willing to pay ANY price for those precious photos, but the photographer donated them to the parents. She then started the organization, and you can volunteer to be a photographer for such families. SAD, but what a gift to parents.


Bonnie said...

Butting in here, but Tracy that is such a great gift to those parents! It would take some strong photographers though, I'm nearly in tears just thinking about it, and (if I were a photographer), would be sobbing through the whole shoot.
I'm glad to know about this, though I hope I never have to tell anyone about it.

Michelle G said...

beautiful - will be adorable on a baby - and give you a giggle too - I SO love hats and store them up like crazy when pregnant - I get both boy and girl hats just in case - and then giggle like mad when I finally get to put them on them - their little smushy faces look at you like "really? you're laughing at me aren't you!" :)
So very excited for you and keeping you in my prayers!
You'll be holding that sweet baby soon! :)

Full of Grace said...

Beautiful, that's for sure..and I'm totally jealous right now- that baby is going to be the most beautifully photographed baby EVER!!!

Tracy and Bonnie- I have photos of my daughter Grace from a similar organization. I Cherish them and pull them out from time to time with her angel box that had her dress, hat, blanket, etc..They are treasures that a person cannot truly fathom unless they've been thru the tragedy of losing a baby.I can say that I have reaped the full benefit of the wonder of people doing this selfsame thing.

Rebecca said...

Bonnie~ good idea about the fabric paint! I happen to have some purple too!

Dawn~ wow. Never thought of THAT. THANKS. I can make BIGGER sizes for a pool and have an awfully cute picture too! ;-)

Tracy~I have heard of that. In fact, around 26 weeks I kept having nightmares about Smooch dying and I google searched a 26 week old baby photo and found it that way. I spent an afternoon sobbing and eventually thought it would be bad for Smooch to keep looking so I forced myself away. I have thought of that, but I think probably a safe bet is to do that (and I would, happily) AFTER my baby bearing years are over. Otherwise the nightmares might get even worse than they already are.
I am very bad with death.