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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

The Final Three: A Smooch Update

It's official...I am 37 weeks, only three more weeks to go. I figured now is as good a time as any to get a Smooch update written out. Wouldn't it be grand if this were the last one!?!?

I rang in week 37 at the hospital getting a three-hour blood glucose test done, since I had failed the one hour last week. Thanks to my mother-in-law, I was able to start a crochet project for Smooch during the hours of waiting, instead of reading (and shushing) three squirmy children in waiting room for half the day. In fact, as slow a crocheter as I am, I got halfway through the project by the time I was able to go home! I was THAT b.o.r.e.d.

The project is this one, and the colors of the yarn I chose are beautiful. I originally thought the yarn was teal with light brown accents, so I was thinking of bordering it in brown. As the sweater worked up, though, I started to see some purple highlights in there too.

My hope was to make something distinctly "boy" since I already have a distinctly GIRL version of this sweater. So I may continue with a brown accent. But I do think I will put it on Smooch even if HE is actually a SHE, because the teal and purple will totally work with a she-baby.

No-we have no clue what we are having. Matt thinks its a boy. I think its a girl. We both are usually wrong---I don't know what that means so I try not to think about it. :-)


Failing the test would mean completely upending my diet, pricking myself four times a day and calling in my blood sugars. Knowing these "inconveniences" would only be for three weeks or so wasn't too great a comfort, I admit. I did my fair share of fretting about it. It wasn't so much the diet change as the pricking and calling in blood sugars that had me scared.

Preparing for the fasting test over the weekend, I read as much as I could about gestational diabetes diets and realized that the food choices were not that profound-and pretty easy to accommodate.
Small portions. Whole wheat breads and pastas (we only eat whole wheat anyway, but I had never really jumped on the whole wheat pasta bandwagon before.) Lots of dairy. Lots of veggies. Lots of protein and beans. LOTS of water. No fried foods. No soda. Limited sweets, and sweets you do have come in healthy ways, like fruit. It isn't rocket science, it is simply eating REAL food.

I decided in the waiting room of the hospital that regardless of the outcome of the test, I ought to adopt many of the principles of the diet. I got the call last night that I had passed (yay!!!) the test but I am sticking to my guns about the diet. I will not be as stringent, of course, (I *must* be able to have some sugar from time to time!) but I do hope that making some good changes to my diet will be worthwhile. If nothing else, it will help me to lose my baby weight. After all, in three more weeks I won't have the pregnancy excuse anymore. And speaking of weight: I weighed myself this morning and this is what was staring back at me.


Looking forward to never seeing THAT number again. (pretty please!?!?)

My arms and legs have always been on the slimmer side, which is a good thing. On the FLIPSIDE though, all the weight that accumulates has to go SOMEWHERE and it goes straight to my face. This is not pleasant. You can cover your arms and wear long skirts for your legs but unless I make some major geographical and religious changes, there is no way I can hide the immense glob of putty that is called my face. Which is why I prefer the "headless" pregnancy shots--which you have likely noticed by now.

The weight gain hasn't slowed me down TOO too much, because I can still play a MEAN game of kickball. (Girls have won both times we have played in the last month!) So a nine-month pregnant woman playing kickball can't be THAT bad. Of course, I try not to let anyone see me skuttle around the house the next day though either. It ain't pretty. :-)


We are no closer to having names picked out for Smooch than we ever were; in fact, our "list" is actually longer than ever before. Who KNOWS who this baby will turn out to be!

Right about now is the time I start freaking out about delivery too. I begin to remember (very clearly) how it feels to push a child out and I realize there ain't no turning back at this point. The pain is inevitable and I am stuck right here waiting for it-and that gives me terror chills. I know the pain completely disappears once the baby is born, but that doesn't give me much consolation when you consider you still have to get to that point. So...in a way...I am in no rush for Smooch to come out.

In fact, I have grown quite accustomed to my own personal built-in tabletop. My, they are handy to have around.

There you have it. A Smooch update. Corynn delivered at 37 weeks by inducement, Andrew delivered at 38 weeks and Adele' delivered at 39 weeks. So....the way I see it, Smooch might come at any time!

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