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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Busy as a... HA!

It is so ridiculously hot and humid today, as it has been for several days. The difference between those days and this one is the fact that opening the windows up at night somehow cooled the house off enough that the house temperature gradually rose to uncomfortable throughout the day whereas this morning the house temperature started at uncomfortable and by mid-morning had turned UNBEARABLE. (At least for me.)

After making the children eggs for breakfast and cleaning up the kitchen-I basically sat in front of a fan staring into it. Occasionally, I would lie back, but that was about it. Watching the blades turning, I kept thinking "Wow. This is so not like me. Just sitting and staring into a fan. There is so much to do....but I am not going to do it. And oddly, I am okay with that."

I am pretty sure my eyes glossed over a few times too.

It was at one of these fan staring moments that I came to a rather concerning observation.

Smooch is coming in less than three weeks!

I have belly-ached about not having done any "crafty things" for the babe, but truth of the matter is...the world will not come screeching to a halt if Smooch isn't clad from head to toe in Mama-made things straight from the womb.

But I haven't prepared the cradle!
I haven't washed the bedding!
I haven't unpacked any newborn things!
I don't have any DIAPERS in the house!
I have to move Adele's clothes out of the new baby armoire and into....SOMEWHERE else!
I have to get a sorely-needed new supply of nursing bras. Or at least ONE, for goodness' sake.
Do we even OWN any Johnson and Johnson's at this point?
I need to scrounge up a diaperbag! (So much for making one...)
I have to start thinking about keeping gas in the car at all times!

I have never been a "pack the suitcase a month in advance and store it in the closet" type of girl (as you can tell by my waiting until 7 months pregnant to actually go to a midwife)-but come on! Up until my heat-induced lethargy, I hadn't even THOUGHT of the practical necessities of a newborn.

Hello. I HAVE done this three times before, right? I don't know where I put my head.

Oh yeah-it's in a sweaty, glossy-eyed heap in front of the fan.


Melodie said...

I feel for you, I really do. It was only last summer when I was feeling the same way. Hope you get some relief from the heat and the worry. = )

Oh, do you think you could write a birth story, or maybe why you choose a midwife?

Bonnie said...

Motherhood has some nursing bra's on sale on line right now ($6 shipping) Never owned one from there, but I need 'em too, so I'm gonna give it a try. Ordering a bra without trying it on scares the bejeebers outa me.
And the bag of boy baby clothes has been sitting in the family room for a week, waiting to be washed.

Kimberly said...

I think we should sit in front of the fan together and have Bonnie bring us stuff. ;) Just kidding Bonnie-but you seem to have more energy than me right now.
I did get diapers last night. Now all I need is a crib/someplace for the baby to sleep. Ugh.
Time for lunch and a nap.

MameyJane said...

I've been sitting around glossy-eyed too and I'm not even preggo. It's this HEAT. Don't worry. Those nesting instincts will kick in full force any minute now and you'll be a nesting machine! I'm waiting on the post already :).

Leah S said...

Let me make you feel better... I didn't even start prepping until past 40 weeks.

"Oh... we should blow up the birthing pool."

"I better dig up some baby clothes for when it's born."

"Do we have food for after birth?"

And I never got around to packing a hospital bag. I guess somehow I was thinking if I didn't pack it, I would HAVE to have the baby at home. It worked. ;)

Oh yes, I didn't realize I was in labor for real until I was 5cms. Whoops! The contractions where only 45 seconds long, it can't be the real thing, right? And they were anywhere from 3-5 minutes apart, same as the Braxton-Hicks. So yeah, we ended up rushing around a little bit trying to fill up the birth pool, get the plastic liner on the bed, etc. Eh... I was busy in labor, my husband was doing these stuff. ;)

Terri said...

This heat and humidity makes most of us lethargic. I can't imagine going through it 8 months pregnant! Cut yourself some slack! It's supposed to get a bit cooler this weekend so hopefully some relief is coming your way.

...they call me mommy... said...

Awww....I feel bad for you...do you guys not have any a/c at all? We have two window units that help in the extreme heat. They are expensive to run though!!! Hopefully, the nesting instinct will take over here in a couple ;) of weeks and you will get some diapers out etc. I've bought inexpensive but ok nursing bras at Target before FYI...


Lana said...

i tried the whole nursing bra thing, none fit (i swelled up to a HUGE cup size with a smallish band size when my milk came in)
in the end i complained to mommy (she's lactating too, funny eh? i'm the second oldest, and her youngest is just 9 months older than my first) and we went to Lane Bryan bought some bras when they had their semi annual sale. they hold up a lot better than any nursing bras either of us ever tried and came in bigger cup sizes per band size (although i STILL had to buy a band size up to get the right cup fit, and then tailor the band to make it fit)
mom and i both buy the bra with a cup made of a flexible stretchy fabric, it's easy to pull down under your breast to nurse, and in fact i've found it easier to do one handed than attaching a hook on a nursing bra.
Lane bryant is pricey, but then so are new nursing bras, and i wear these every day, and having a bra that fits right is SO worth it. these are really good quality, too.

Lane bryant has a good website too, though we have a store in town and just went there.

I don't think i'll ever even TRY to buy a nursing bra again, these work so well for me!

Anonymous said...

....it's because it's your fourth! The first couple are so anticipated! Number four comes along and you think...well I have the most important thing,(my breasts) what else do I need?! You find diapers when you have to and you put baby in bed with you and nurse round the clock and leave everything else to your wonderful husband! That's what being a momma of a big family means! I just have to say that in coastal Oregon we are freezing and at this moment it's five in the evening and I have long johns on under my dress...slept with the down comforter on too! Sorry not uncaring because I have
Done prenancy in 100 plus heat too! Several times. hugs from Mumofeight!

Pink Panda said...

I have a diaper bag that is really cute- tan, Eddie Bauer that you can have. For free. Email me your address at joshmeganabbott at hotmail dot com and I can send it. Do you need a baby shower? I would throw you one, if I was there! It's so humid in D.C. here too! Bleh!

Melodie said...

I gave you a blog award and wasn't sure how to notify you so here ya go:


= )

Rebecca said...

Lana~good tip! I don't know if it will work for me (I am HUGELY, aggravatingly busty) but I will give it a go! One never knows!

Mumofeight: I laughed SO hard with that "having all you need" comment. SO true!

Pink Panda~ that is very very VERY sweet of you! Thank you for your generosity, but I actually don't use "diaper bags" in the literal sense of the word. My diaper bags are more...big purses that look like purses and I keep EVERYTHING in them rather than carry a diaper bag AND a purse. I have always just called them that because it is easier. My goal was to MAKE a stylish one, but since that didn't happen, I will just keep my eyes open at Target or something. You are too sweet to offer though, and I thank you for it!

Melodie~thank you for the award! What a nice surprise!