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Monday, August 16, 2010

The First of the "Little Projects"

I promised a project a day this week if there is no baby and guess what? No baby!

This one is for a GIRL.

And if Smooch isn't a girl, well then, this is one of those "pack it away in hopes of a girl someday" projects....it is just too cute to part with.


Everyone who knows me knows I am a fan of blue and white.

I picked up this hanky AGES ago then thought it was too pretty to actually use. (Yes, we use cloth hankies here, though admittedly, they are mostly bandannas!)

Imagine, then, my joy and rapture upon stumbling upon this tutorial!

It was a super simple project, and very quick to stitch. But OH so LOVELY.

Now I wish I had a few more vintage hankies just lying about!


Nanci said...

Taking a moment or two away from my sewing; I'm getting bleary-eyed again. What better way to refresh myself than visiting with YOU!!

I ABSOLUTELY love this bonnet! It's just lovely! Makes me feel a little better to see what you are making - makes me feel like we are crafting together again.

Bonnie said...

Gasp! I love it!!!

Bonnie said...

Forgot to add, it would go great with these:

Marlene Bibby said...

I, too, love the bonnet. It is beautiful! I think if you have a boy, you should leave that bonnet right where it is now. It would make a gorgeous decoration in your lovely country home. Love, love the print! And I like you love blue and white. It is the Dutch coming out of us. It looks so Delft.

Tracy said...

Gorgeous! Whilst it WOULD make a beautiful decoration in your home, I'd move it from the window lest it fade.

...they call me mommy... said...

Positively PRECIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

~Simply Regina~ said...

It's absolutely beautiful Rebecca! I'm sure the babe, if a girl, will look positively precious in it.

Mommy said...

My Mom had one that I wore when I was a baby that we white. It also came with a little poem that said something about using it on my wedding day. I did just that, with a few snips of the thread I had a beautiful white hanky that was also my something old:)I will always treasure that gift!
And I am sure if your baby is a precious little girl she will also treasure her bonnet/hanky:)

Full of Grace said...

That is GORGEOUS, and as I swoon- THAT makes me want another little one (I best not gaze too long!)

mary owens said...

Beautiful! I'm a big fan of Blue & white also … love your little bonnet. thank you for sharing!