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Friday, August 27, 2010

Great with child. STILL.

It has happened. I have officially reached my due date, a first for me. And who knows-I might even go PAST is. (gasp. sniffle. SOB.) Remind me never again to spazz out at 37 weeks, anticipating going early because of previous pregnancies. Because for three weeks now I have been anxious and for three weeks I haven't seen a baby.

I am beginning to wonder if it is going to happen at all. Last night, ALL night long, I had contractions~regular, hard-ish contractions. I was just waiting until I couldn't bear them anymore before waking everyone up. Never did happen. So either my body just likes the feeling of contractions and wants to hang out contracting all day or Smooch is in there hanging on for dear life despite the push to get him/her out. I can imagine it is awfully cozy in there.

I wonder if a conjoined-for-life mother/baby is possible?

(By the way~ for those of you who don't know~ it is INCREDIBLY disheartening for a due-any-day pregnant woman to hear that "Oh-you haven't dropped yet~you have a ways to go yet!" from every Tom, Dick and Harry under the sun. Or the librarian. Or well-meaning churchfolk. Or just innocent random-passersby. For this one and only exception, I would encourage you to lie. Or not. But atleast...REFRAIN.)

God's timing is perfect. God's timing is perfect. God's timing is perfect.

I decided, since I CAN, I might as well take one last (yes, it will be) Smooch Pregnancy shot.

Obviously from the two shots I post, I am not really "feeling it". Didn't even go outside to the good light. Can't even muster a semi-smile. I laughed, in spite of myself, when I saw the pictures because my forlorn expressions really convey perfectly what I am feeling. I am trying HARD not to have a pity party. Most likely exasperated by last nights' sleep-stealing contractions.

On a good note though~because good notes are ALWAYS the best way to leave things

I *DID* cut Matt's hair. So-no woodchucks present at the opening ceremony. (OPENING ceremony?!?! get it?!?! haha har har)

I *DID* finish shredding/freezing the garden zucchini.

I *DID* make a simple going-home outfit for a boy. (Sorry for the awful lighting in the pics)

I blanket-stitched around a super cute kimono, side snap shirt with dark chocolate brown. I love these shirts with a passion. Wish I had some long-sleeve ones too. They are so great. I *almost* embroidered a "J" on the shirt, since of our baby name choices for boys, both begin with J. But then I didn't.

Then I raided the stash and made a pair of pants to coordinate. I must like this fabric for baby pants. Didn't do the kimono pants style this time, just traced around a pair of newborn pants I had. I always forget how simple a project baby pants are...yet how charming. I can envision an entire rainbow-colored wardrobe of these.

I decided to use the leftover bits of scraps and a few coordinated ribbon bits (packrat, I am) to re-do a perfectly nice burp cloth whose value was diminished thanks to the simply heinous cartoon characters printed on it. I am not a fan of "character" stuff. So, I covered them up. The striped ribbon front was inspired by a project in this book.

All this talk of boys~you would think that is what we are having. No so, necessarily. I still think it is a girl. But I have a lovely little take-home number for a girl already, provided I find myself a long-sleeve shirt for underneath.

Well. Looks like Friday night pizza and a movie night is still on, so I guess I had better get some dough rising.

Pardon my belly-aching.

I can't promise it won't be the last. :-)


Mom of M&Ms said...

I think that the lighting for your self portraits is amazing.. so happy you did not go out into the "good Light" it captures your mood well. And I think your boy going home outfit is beyond adorable... And I think that Yes God's timing is perfect.. and try and treaure this all..I miss the last few weeks of pregnancy so much.. such a special time...even though I know you are tired and ready. BLessings....

oh and on a funny note.. I was huge with my first baby, and I felt GREAT, I was in no hurry to end all of this connection with my baby girl.. and then my parents arrived, from far away around birthing time, and I heard my mom repeatedly tell people ho miserable I must be.. SURSLY??? oh well..

MameyJane said...

Girl! You have EVERY reason to belly-ache. Belly-ache on! You remind me of myself with my 2nd baby. I was past due and wouldn't drop and wanted to cry everyone said something about how high she still was. Then, I went in for a check and we found out she was breech, and therefore the reason for her high position. They did a C-section and got her on out of there the next day.

The outfit is precious! Boy or girl, they will be dressed so soft and comfy for their first trip home. Can't wait to 'meet' him/her. "This too shall pass."

Bonnie said...

I think you look LOVELY for being miserable. I look like I'm ready to keel over (or at least so I'm told. Why do people feel the need to tell gigantically pregnant women they look miserable?), and feel about the same.

The going home outfit is adorable!
Bonnie (who lied on her blog the other day and is on the computer anyhow.)

Peggy said...

Oh my goodness gracious girl, you look insanely beautiful! Even with your forlorn expression. I mean gorgeous! I'll be praying for you as I know how trying this can be... but you are so correct. All in God's timing! Trust me those are words I have to remind myself often and I'm not pregnant.

And the outfits are adorable! My you have been the productive one, (sorry no pun intended... it just happens at times! :} ))

I am so excited for you as the birth of your child is drawing near!! Now try to get some rest and enjoy the pizza (its what I ate just before having our middle son! like a few hours before having him... you know I still love pizza to this day! ha ha)

Anonymous said...

You look great Rebecca!

I understand what you mean - my first baby was born at 35 weeks, so when I was pregnant with Marieke I was mentally prepared for action from 35 weeks. (I knew she would probably be later, but you still can't help but think it will happen early!) She was born at 39 weeks and I felt 4 weeks overdue!

At 38 weeks I cried on the way home from the midwife as she thought there were no signs of action. Can't believe I cried!

All the best!

Cheers, Wilm in NZ

Nanci said...


I love the self-portrait. It is so poignant!

Smooch's outfit is precious! You have the best ideas.

Thanks for saving me the major disgrace of having the only Mr. Linky on the entire web with no Links. YOU ARE A TRUE FRIEND!!

Now, that you've done your good deed for the day, get off your feet and go rest.

Tracy said...

I was TWO weeks late with my first. Horrible, it was. Every person I knew took it upon themselves to call me daily, asking if there was any news yet. Ugh.

Soon, very soon, you'll have that new little babe in your arms. Enjoy these last moments as best as you can.

Your outfit is sweet!

Marlene Bibby said...

Don't worry about the haven't dropped comments. and the day isn't over yet. When you come to your 4th one, you don't have to drop. The baby knows the way. Once it starts, out he comes. You still have 7 1/2 hours of today!

Kimberly said...

*giggling here* But only bc I am at 38 weeks and run late. I am kinda hoping it won't happen this time, but even the stranger at the Farmers' Market yesterday started off on how I hadn't dropped yet. Apparently she is a midwife so also sells jams on the side. I think it might be better to not have due dates myself-just an open range. I remember by the time I was 12 days late last time I didn't want to leave the house, not bc I was miserable, but bc I was tired of peoples' reactions. Good news--fuller term babies seem to be born faster. :)

...they call me mommy... said...

Lovely photos, Rebecca! I totally understand...I mean TOTALLY. My 4th came one day after her due date...sheesh...I was WAY MORE THEN BELLY-ACHE-ING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are a couple of my end of pg posts and the picture is so horrible!! :P



Mrs. Huse Clifton said...

You are beautiful and we can't wait, just as you, to meet your new baby, Best wishes!

Amy said...

It's possible you might not drop...I can't tell from your pictures, but some of my friends carried so low through their pregnancies, they never realy did drop. But I don't know, that might not be the case.
A lady from our church is a few days over her due date, so you and her must be just about on the same schedule. :-) Another friend was I think close to a month overdue...sorry, you probably don't want to hear any of those type of stories right now, do ya?
I'll be praying for you. And just keep quoting that...God's timing IS perfect. ;)

Elisabeth LaMouria said...

Cute baby clothes and you look GREAT! Seriously, and that dress is so beautiful! :-)

Hollace said...

The good news is, they're easier to take care of on the inside...

not helpful, I know!

Victoria said...

Honest truth - you look absolutely beautiful in the photos. Truly!

Was tempted to give you 4th baby stories - but I will refrain. You WILL have this baby and he/she will be just as beautiful as the rest of the family!

Hope you get a good night's sleep. Or, if you don't, you at least are in process of a wonderful event!

Full of Grace said...

I couldn't help but smiling when I saw these shots, you do look pretty forlorn :) I do understand why, and I'll be praying that your baby isn't weeks late like Christiana was- be prepared for the next set of sandpaper words..."WHEN ARE you going to have that baby??" Just as the baby dropping words were difficult so are those because they were said SO MANY TIMES after my duedate with Christiana there were times I wanted to scream and be a smart aleck back- "give me your address, I'll let you know", "If I knew when to predict babies actual births I'd be making millions and not living here for you to ask me that question"..you get the jest ;)

On a very positive note, you look beautiful and the baby outfit you made for smooch is STUNNING! I LOVE IT!!! It is AWESOME, and if you would have gone early you wouldn't have had time to make it! So you've finally narrowed it down to 2 boy names- how about girl names? Decided yet?

Rebecca said...

Elizabeth~ Matt has been very good about boy names. I, on the other hand, am still having a very hard time narrowing it down. I have three or four that I love all equally well. I think I will just have to wait and see who "she" looks like if it IS a she.


Wendy said...

Hang in there! Can't wait to hear the fabulous news!!!

Marlene Bibby said...

Well, I guess he/she wants her own birthday. That is okay. We will still love him/her for not arriving on ours. :-)

Southern Comfort said...

I love your photos and you look really great. I just found your blog and I really love it. I don't think it will be long at all now, especially if you are having that many "practice" contractions. My two kids were both early surprises-babies are always on their own schedule. Good luck and hang in there...

Dee said...

Oh my! How did you pull those self portraits off?! WOW! You are stunning, even if you don't FEEL stunning. Take my word for it. If I could have ever even REMOTELY looked like that while pregnant... well... we'd have more kids. HAHA :)

I was in your shoes just 6 months ago. Not sure why our bodies decide contractions are so fun when we feel boat like. I spent 3 months on modified bed rest due to all of them though. Baby didn't come early for me either.

Take care!

Michelle said...

Well, this just totally proves God has a sense of humor (even when we don't) and likes to keep us guessing (even when we wish he wouldn't)! :)

I have never gone early... I'd welcome that someday, if we have another!

It irks me when people say the "you haven't dropped bit", also. Guess what, people? The only women who "drop" before having a baby seem to be the first time moms. Maybe they think this is your first? ;)

I am praying for you. I think your expression in those photos is the universal look of all pregnant women who are at or past their due date!!

Christine said...

Praying for you! I felt the very same way 5 1/2 months ago. My baby girl was born at 42 weeks, but the labor was short (for me) 4 1/2 hours. Blessings!

Kim said...

((hugs)) God knows the perfect time for your little one to come. :) Soon you'll be cuddling your sweet new baby.
I love the little outfit you made!