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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Bugs and Blooms


Not much to say other than- IT IS HOT.

Speaking of which- I have a confession to make.

When it is HOT, I am a serious ice cream junkie.  I mean- it is bad.  We eat ice cream every weekend.  And when it is really hot for many consecutive days, I might just (definitely) justify the non-weekend ice cream too.  (And the fact is, it doesn't HAVE to be hot for me to want it, either.)

But store-bought ice cream's second ingredient is often high fructose corn syrup and it isn't exactly easy on the grocery budget either!  But how can I NOT eat ice cream?!?

So I decided I would give myself a new kitchen challenge.  (I do love them so.)

Creating a frozen dessert once a week every week for the rest of summer!  Popsicles, ice cream, sorbets and now that I am a yogurt maker, there should be PLENTY of frozen yogurt.  

It should be helpful to the grocery budget and it should be helpful to our waistlines.  (Though I won't guarantee they are going to be 'healthy', plenty will be.)  Challenges are so fun for me to liven things up in the sometimes-stagnant kitchen. Each week I'll post the pictures here and the recipes at Kitchen Riches, my sorely neglected food blog.

Get ready for a yummy summer!


Miranda said...

Love this! We are ice cream eaters too. Yesterday in the shop Brian said it got to 105! Plus he has to wear an air helmet (that blows room temp air in his face) and gloves or a long sleeve shirt. Plus depending on the job an apron too. YUCK!

So he comes home (to no air conditioning) and eats about a tub all by himself. :)

I hope you post what you make to give me some ideas!

Anonymous said...

When we were little, mom would make us kool-aid icecubes. It got tiresome using those little tupperware popsicle molds,(there were five of us kids) so she would just use icecube trays and we would dump them into plastic cups..I still get a hankerin' for them today :) Blessings~Janet

stephaniegiese said...

I am an icecream junkie too. It's not particularly cheap or healthy, but my aunt makes an ice cream-ish frozen summer pie that is to die for. She takes chunks of fresh pineapple (Maybe you could use your pineapple zucchini?) and walnuts and mixes them in 1 can of sweetened condensed milk and folds in one carton of cool whip. Then she puts it in a graham cracker crust and freezes it over night. SOOOO good.

Rebecca said...

Love the photos. What lens did you use? Amazing to see the bees wings.

Quinn said...

You snap a mean macro bug shot! What lens o you use? These are amazing! :)

Renata said...

Those photos are amazing!!! I'd love to know what lens you used! I am also an icecream lover. Although I will say that once I began to make it the storebrought just didn't cut it any longer!! I hope gou share any good recipes you find during your challenge!!

...they call me mommy... said...

Just GORGEOUS. I love the bee balm one!!!! *swoon*

Abigail said...

I love that last one of the bee on the daisy! Macro, schmacro, I don't want no macro lens. (I dutifully recite this mantra every time you post macro photography. It hasn't worked as intended yet, though.)

You are hereby assigned to all flower/bug shots at Jennifer's wedding.

Also, if you want my mother's Tubsicle recipe, I'll hand it along. Just be warned that it's called "Tub"sicle for a reason. Well worth the paunch, though!

Davene Grace said...

What a fun challenge! I'm sure your family is going to LOVE this one! :)

Here's my favorite frozen dessert - a super-easy one passed down from my grandmother. :) http://thefoodiespot.blogspot.com/2010/05/pineapple-milk-sherbet.html

I, too, would love to know what lens you use. Your macro photography is truly STUNNING.

Rebecca said...

Thanks for your compliments on the flowers everyone! The macro lens I have is called the canon Compact 50mm Macro Lens. It was one of the least expensive lenses and I hated it at first- you have to be VERY VERY close to the subject which was very hindering to me at first since I wanted to photograph bugs and they don't normally like you being an inch from them. Drunken bees, however, seem to be the exception. It is a good macro and with time I have grown to love it.

And thanks to all who have offered suggestions for my frozen concoction challenge. I am excited. Tonight is the first night! :-)