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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sneak Peek: Donnie and Adah Wedding

Here is a sneak peek from the wedding I referenced a few weeks ago, when I went camping and Matt looked pregnant (ha!) 

 It was an outdoor wedding on location at some very pretty falls, my first ever sunrise  wedding.  Now, you may be thinking this photo-intensive post is NOT a sneak peek, but I assure you it is.  There were over 200 photos in all AND there was a second photographer, so they are swimming in photographs at this point.  I won't do THAT to you, but I will show you these....some of my favorites.

The men gathered to pray before it began, which I thought was incredibly wonderful.

The groom had to have his back turned until the precise moment that the bride and her bridesmaids were situated on the bridge 'just so'.  It was KILLING him, letmetellyou.

 Seriously gorgeous hair here.

The father of the bride was the one officiating the ceremony and during a very sweet prayer for the new couples' growth and wisdom and love, when all eyes were closed but mine, he laid his hand on her shoulder in such a touching moment.  I was happy I caught it.

This bride and groom had never kissed one another.  See?  It happens!  After the kiss, came the hug...which I thought was way better anyway.  It was happy, it was excited, it was so many emotions rolled into one. It was very very sweet.


And some details~

Every wedding I go to makes me want to get married again.  

(to Mattie, of course.)



Full of Grace said...

Your photos are magnificent Rebecca..Makes me feel like I could Never Ever do a Wedding..Ever. They are stunning, I am sure the bride and groom will be So Very Happy to have them!!! I Loved the Emotion in many of them, I Loved the Colors she picked..I Loved EVERYTHING about THEM!! :) You are a great photographer, you I am sure already know this but I wanted to share with you anyhow! :)

~Carla~ said...

Just beautiful!! You've captured their love so perfectly!! :) Beautiful bride!

Veronica @ A Queit Heart said...

*sigh* I feel the same way when I see wedding pictures...I want to get married all over again - to my husband! ;)
These pictures are amazing!! I have a question for you... What did you use to shoot the wedding? I've been asked to do pictures for a friend's wedding, which will be my first ever - and the mere thought has me absolutely terrified. I am SO not a professional photographer!! (And, that's an understatement! I'm a mom with a camera - that's it. I have fun, but I have no real idea what I'm doing!!) I would love to help them out - as they are on a budget, and I wouldn't charge them...but I also don't want to mess up... (I don't mean to hijack your comment thread...but I couldn't find another way to contact you. I know you're crazy busy, but if you have a moment, would you mind e-mailing me? veronica(at)aquietheart(dot)com If not, no worries. Just thought I'd ask. :) )

Rebecca said...

Elizabeth- thank you! I didn't feel like a great photographer when I realized that early in the ceremony I had slowed the shutter speed in order to capture movement of the waterfall and then forgot about it-so many pictures were blurry! I got so 'busy' I forgot to change my settings. AHHHH! So yes- THANK YOU for saying that!

Carla~ she was beautiful, wasn't she? She is as beautiful a soul as a face too!

Veronica~ I am not a 'professional' either-just a Mom with a camera too- so you can do this! I will try and get an email out to you by the end of the weekend, okay? For now, I have to get ready for a (very rare!) date night with my hubby!

Anonymous said...

Probably the most beautiful part about this wedding was how the bride and groom saved themselves for each other, even down to the kiss. It's so unfortunately rare these days.

Quinn said...

Amen Anon!

Wonderfully done!! I would be so intimidated by trying to do a wedding! You did an amazing job capturing their special day. :)

Riahli said...

This was so beautiful it made me cry... in a good way.

Abigail said...

Beautiful! I love how many of these photos capture Donnie and Adah as they are and not just cardboard smiles pasted on for a camera. Absolutely lovely!

Michelle said...

The color of the dresses! The peacock feather! The falls! Sigh. Lovely photos of a beautiful day.

Me said...

We were there last weekend - what a perfect wedding spot!