What you do in your house is worth as much as if you did it up in heaven for our Lord God. We should accustom ourselves to think of our position and work as sacred and well-pleasing to God, not on account of the position and work, but on account of the word and faith from which the obedience and the work flow. ~ Martin Luther

Monday, July 15, 2013



My weekend didn't quite go as planned.  No lovely Amish auctions or antique-flea market finds to share, because I didn't end up doing those things after all.  I spent Saturday with my family doing yardwork.  (Funnnnnn.)

Matt's mower broke a few weeks ago and it took forever to get the part he needed.  That 'forever' was filled with heat and rain, making the grass grow into an almost-hay-field.  He ended up BORROWING a mower to mow our hayfield yard and it was absolutely necessary to rake the ocean of grass clippings.  So that is what we did.  All.Day.Long.  Every able bodied person.  (Except Judah who did more scuffing and throwing grass than he should have been doing.)

It was hot.  It was work.  It was NOT antiquing.

Sunday, we went to my parents house for a picnic dinner and a fridge pickup.  (We'll have an extra fridge now for Penny when she begins milking!) and we brought with us a small china cabinet too.  The china cabinet was Dad's present to Mom on their first Christmas together, back in their dirt poor days.  It cost him $50.00 which took two paychecks to pay off.  Mom didn't have any room for it in her house and asked all the kids if they might want it and no one did- except me.  It is just one of those things that MEAN something, ya know?

The kids found a wounded cowbird.  Corynn was shocked when she discovered my ponytail sometimes curls corkscrew-like, just like hers.  I filled rooms with flowers.  A window-guy came to measure windows so we can replace FIVE by winter- including the ones in the childrens' rooms which are presently boarded up for safety-sake.  (That was too long in coming.)  I changed the sheets on the beds.  I ground wheatberries.  I sorted through closets and did laundry and packed things away.  We ate the first watermelon of the summer. Adele' found a playmate at the park.  Judah discovered the joy of JohnDeere four-wheeler rides at Nanny and Poppy's house.  (They have the best toys ever.)  And the huckleberries are coming on again!  I bet you can guess what we will be doing the next couple of weeks....


Hollace said...

That is a very precious story about the china cabinet gift, and I am glad you have it to treasure.

Your older son looks like a very happy worker--what an encouragement he must be!

Sorry about the antiquing disappointment...

JenniferM said...

That watermelon picture had my brain doing gymnastics until I got to the bottom and figured out what it was supposed to be (and even then it took a bit).

Funny thing is that now that I know it's a watermelon, it's quite difficult to see whatever it is I thought I was looking at the first time.

Did that make any sense? : )

Kat R said...

Even if it didn't go quite according to plan, your photos still make me think it was an amazing weekend. I'm sorry the mower broke - what a huge pain in the bum! Glad all worked out, though. I love the china cabinet - what a meaningful thing to have.

Renata said...

Hi Rebecca
Your pictures as always are stunning and make me long for summery days! I also was lost with the watermelon picture! It's a shame you missed out on your shopping day, but I imagine your yard looks lovely and the air smells great. (Isn't the smell of freshly mown grass just delightful?). Enjoy your lovely summer days!!

Bonnie said...

Lovely pictures one and all!

1.) Need to go pick some of my pathetic flowers. Because pathetic is better than none.

2.) I think I need to just get a flour mill

3.) I ordered 10 lbs. of blueberries and they come in Thursday. Ordered 10 lbs. of sour cherries too...

4.) see no. 1

5.) Boy that didn't take long for it to get to ponytail length!

6.)Oh my cuteness (one)

7.) That's a mean lookin' beak

8.) Nice (borrowed ride)

9.) Mulch with it.

10.) Oh my cuteness (two)

11.) I need to go pick my lavender

12.) SUMMER!

13.) that filled in fast!

14.) Oh my cuteness (three)

15.) Swoon! (And is that a recent red paint job? I don't remember the red.)

16.) Oh my cuteness (four)

17. See number 4

18. Smile

19.) A sweet story and now heirloom!


Full of Grace said...

Actually, Truth be Told..The reason I didn't want it is only because I wanted you to have it since I had mom's piano. It was only fair we both have something special of hers :)

...they call me mommy... said...

I love your weekending posts....and the photographs. Oh my word. Just gorgeous!

Abigail said...

LOVE that cabinet. I prefer clean lines to fancy scrollwork, and it is lovely.

Also, your Dad's jolly face made me grin!

Rebecca said...


#3 jealous of your cherries.
#5 Well, it has grown a bit- but when I said it couldn't get into a ponytail I meant the TOP of my hair and bangs because at the time, the layers were like 2 inches long. And if you look closely- they still don't go in. I've got some spikeage going on.

#15..MY you are observant. I've been meaning to do a "Papa's Projects" post for so long-because he keeps chugging away at things. But flowers are so much prettier that I haven't. But yes- painting was one of the jobs he has done. I'm going to now refer to you as Mrs. KeenEye