What you do in your house is worth as much as if you did it up in heaven for our Lord God. We should accustom ourselves to think of our position and work as sacred and well-pleasing to God, not on account of the position and work, but on account of the word and faith from which the obedience and the work flow. ~ Martin Luther

Monday, July 22, 2013


There were fresh flowers to cut and new bouquets to replace the old..

There was reading this book in the cool of the morning while eating a scrambled omelet with peppers and cheese and while sitting all alone in the flower circle.

There was scrubbing the new (to us) fridge, unloading the old fridge of all its' food, moving the old fridge out,  using a shopvac on the floor and wall around it, bringing the new fridge to the kitchen- only to realize that the new (to us) fridge won't fit!  (arg!)  So then there was scrubbing the old fridge, returning the new fridge to our milkhouse to be used as the Cow Milk Storage Fridge (when the time comes), returning the food to the old (but clean) fridge and being slightly irritated at all the work that didn't really have to be done.  (But it is nice to have a clean fridge, albeit an old one.)

There was ice cream making (more on that later!) and huckleberry freezing and packing away.

There was sneaking out at rest time for just a *few*  childless hours of flea-marketing.  Ah, blissful hours.

I wanted this basket bassinet so so so badly.  I have somewhat of a basket addiction.  It was only $10.00.  My little practical voice kept saying "Where will you PUT it without it being in the way?  We already HAVE a cradle.  What if you never have another baby?"  and my little dreamy voice kept saying "But I could have THIS one downstairs and that other one upstairs- for when baby needs to be downstairs!  But look at that canary yellow!  But look at the folding legs!  It is so darling!  It is in such nice shape!  It is only $10.00!"  Eventually, my practical voice won over...but I can't promise I will listen to it next time.

I tend to go for the flea-market priced things versus the antique-priced things but I do enjoy looking at the gorgeous antiquey things.

The loot I brought home:

I can't decide if I should keep the fancy dress or try and resell it at the consignment shop.  It would make a fabulous Cinderella dress for a Halloween costume and a great Easter dress for Adele' in a few years. But it is from a bridal shop, so maybe I could get a healthy return on it.  Haven't decided.

The truck is for a stocking stuffer for a certain littlest Mister come Christmas time.

The slip is massive but has the most gorgeous pleated edging on bottom.  I will cut it off and make an underskirt to go under dresses for some flair (and a bit of length).  

The enamelware is enamelware.  What can I say?  I can't wait to see how the bread pan works.  (There was another one there that I can go back for if it works well.)

          Doilies, enamelware....very ME.  The only thing missing is colored glass and some vintage hankies.  and that adorable canary and white baby bassinet.

There was hair-cutting and handsome boys all around.

There was delicious lemon cookies, and BLT's and coleslaw and picnics.

There was first harvests from the garden and pasta salad.

There was visiting family from Kentucky at my sisters' house.  Grandma and Aunt Bridget, who we haven't seen since Andrew was a baby, are all that is left of Dad's side of the family besides a few cousins who I haven't seen since....oh, I was a kid myself.  

Even still, we make for a pretty big family photo!  (Elizabeth's husband was being a dork and hid himself perfectly behind me...which is why it appears that I have three arms in this picture.)

See?   There he is.  (He THOUGHT he could get out of a picture...)

Aunt Bridget asked for a quick family picture so.....

And that was our weekend.  

And now- a new week is before us! 


Bonnie said...

Oh my swoony goodness. The flea market. I shoulda gone to ours today.
Love the flowers, and it must have been the week for out of state family. My mom's uncle, cousin and his wife and their 2 kids were passing through on their way home to Ill. and stopped (they had been to the east coast visiting Uncle Louis' youngest brother) for an hour. A fun visit. No pictures : (

Such cute "little" munchkins...
(and look at your cute hair)

Bonnie said...

I forgot! I have the same bread pan and I LOVE them. And I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have been able to leave the bassinet. Someone used one as an herb planter at the fair a few years ago. It was a hideous yellow, but darling idea.

Julian said...

I love summer, don't you? I need to find a flea market . That basket WAS darling! I just adore baby stuff. But I'm done after six, so I can just dream! Huckleberries are in idaho were I used to live and in montana where my aunt and uncle live. I remember picking them. What a treat! We don't have them in tecas, but we ho pick strawberries at the farmers market.
Thanks for sharing your weekend!

Julian said...

Ps. Loved that book! Christina

beth said...

good call, I think, on passing on the sweet basket bassinet -- how long, really, could it safely hold a baby like your last one? (dearest hoss - swoon!)

family photo = beautiful.

Mari said...

Keep the dress, unless it means feeding your family. We had a dress like that once, in gold, and I don't know how many times my daughter used it for dress-up and to be Belle at Halloween (complete with a simple purple felt cape to ward off the cold. The kids loved it and I had to buy a fancy, flouncy 1980ies style bridesmaid dress for $2 at a thrift shop and cut it off so there were TWO fancy schmancy dresses for her and her friends. They still remember the fancy dress up times and tea parties and walking around the neighborhood like queens! The little boys thought they were mentally deficient!

Pink Panda said...

Don't mind me (said this blog stalker) but Corynn is getting super tall! I have those same conversations in my head about buying things- especially knowing that my hubby may not approve!

Full of Grace said...

So sorry about Judah's expression, Everyone else looked so wonderful I totally missed that or I would have taken another one!! He is cute regardless, but he's the only one not looking at the camera, OOPS! :)

Abigail said...

I'm so glad you got to go! (We missed you at church, though.)

Those are great family pictures!

Abigail said...

Word verification was

99 Whoppas

For some reason, it made me laugh. It kind of reminds me of "Zooooie Mama!"

Anna Yager said...

Do you know about the Week Ending linkup at the Re-Inventing Mother blog? I love reading what people did on the weekend, and your photos are always such a treat.

Rebecca said...

Bonnie- we lead such parallel lives we even have COMPANY together!

Christina- I never picked up strawberries this year- I am SO bummed about that too! Lucky you!

Beth- I am hoping because I had ONE, I won't continue to have gi-normous babies. But, it's true...I wouldn't trade the Hoss for anything, even a gorgeous canary-trimmed basket.

Mari- ahhhhhh-but haven't I posted recently the gazillion dress up clothes we already have? (Though admittedly they pale in comparison to this doozy...)

Pink Panda- yes she is. I am entering into the very scary phase of mothering young adults and I don't.like.it.one.bit.

Elizabeth- I am not picky. If everyone was in the frame I was gonna be happy with it. So thanks!

Abby-for the record, I didn't skip church to flea market. We went to a different one and missed you guys too. Adele' was very irritated with us Sunday morning when she couldn't see to Pipo.

Anna- no I didn't know about that. And to think I thought I was so clever for coining the word 'weedending'!!!

Abigail said...

I was just sending an email and saw your comment in my inbox. I laughed when I read it and had to hop over to clarify. Although the flea market looks incredible, what I meant was that I was glad you got to enjoy family at Elizabeth's! [The NEWMANS flea marketing on a Sunday?! For shame. :)]

Tracy said...

If I remember correctly, you're six foot tall, or very close. Judging at where Corynn falls on you, I'd say she's at my height, or better. Sigh.