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Monday, August 06, 2007

It started very innocently...

with a game of connect the dots. On his back.

We have been known to draw on each other from time to time. It is a fun and cheap form of entertainment that has dated back to our honeymoon and is a talent which we have most graciously passed down to our children. It can be as simple and doodling or as complex as making a game. Here is how to play THIS one (for those of you WEIRDO's who are interested...)

You simply randomly connect dots until at one point, you pen reaches the first dot. THEN, you must find another picture in it-and draw it. It can be harder than you think!

I was pretty impressed with my rendtion of half spartan, half knight and took a picture of it to show Matt.

No, I DIDN'T have anything better to do. Thanks for asking.
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Tracy said...

I can't believe he would sleep though that! Is that a real tattoo above your drawing? A pool ball, perhaps?

Rebecca said...

HA ha HA! I loved your comment!

No, it isn't a real tattoo. When I first began doodling, I asked him if he ever (in his dreams) got a tattoo, what would it be? He said it would probably be a pool ball (he LOVES billiards) and I doodled one for him.

Good EYE Tracy! :-)

Michelle said...

I can't believe he doesn't like messes but will allow you to do that to his own skin. Crazy man.