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Monday, September 03, 2007

My girl

My girl. She is sweet and smart and talented and my very own treasure. She lights up my life every single day. She gives us joy, encouragement, and love and I can't imagine our lives without her.

We enjoyed her special birthday yesterday, despite Papa having to work.

A birthday child gets many special priviledges:

a ride on one of those quarter rides in front of stores

a helium balloon (or several in this case)

cake of his/her choosing (I let her choose the cake mix she wanted, but the decorating was a secret surprise for Corynn this year.)

dinner of his/her choosing (She chose sausage gravy. A girl after Papa's heart)

I took a TON of pictures of her yesterday, to fill up the time until Papa returned from work with fun and interesting and NEWNESS. So, I posted a LOT of pictures today, but at least I was able to do several photos in ONE post. That helps, doesn't it?!?!
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Mom2fur said...

I've just been enjoying all the pictures of your little pink birthday princess! She's so sweet...I don't think that awesome calf cake could be sweeter! I hope she had the best birthday ever. I'm sure you posted it in here someplace...but is she six? That's how many balloons I counted!
I tell you, my boys are awesome. I cherish them. But there is just something about having a daughter! I couldn't imagine a world without a little girl...now, of course, my little girl is a young woman. She'll be 23 in November!

Mom2fur said...

Oh, wait...I just noticed the little blurb over there on the left. You say Corynn is 3? Or is she 4 now?
And sausage gravy for a birthday dinner! What a treat! We don't get that anywhere here on Long Island. It think it is truly a Midwester delicacy...I try to get it at least once a year if I travel that way!

Julieann said...

AWWW!! Happy Birthday to your sweet girl:)


Rebecca said...

mom2fur~she just turned four. I am the queen of vague, you see, and like to keep my readers guessing! ;-)

As for sausage gravy-there is a VERY simple way to get it out your way. Go to my RECIPE blog! I posted MY recipe of it there! ;-)


Thanks Julieann!

Anonymous said...

Greetings Rebecca and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Corynn! What a sweet birthday, it sounds like she had a very special day! The dress is beautiful!

I'm glad you put the sausage recipe on your recipe blog, I will have to go check it out. I have been trying to duplicate a hamburger gravy over mashed potatoes recipe that I loved in grade school way back when - I'm close, but still doesn't taste the same. I will have to try yours.

Just checking in (I've been out of town). Have a nice day.
Blessings & Prayers! I hope your package comes soon!
Your Secret Sis

smilnsigh said...

And I just mentioned your Apple Crisp recipe in Seasons Snapshots.


Morning said...

What a lovely tribue to your sweet girl -- do save it so one day when she is all grown up she can read it. I think blogs are a lovely way to build family memories.
And the cake is a work of art -- well done!
PS what kind of camera are you using? your photos are amazing! i know you said you were just learning, but even in the the last few weeks you seem to have improved out of sight!

Mrs. Bonnie said...

Happy Birthday Corynn!
I was beginning to go through withdrawl, as my computer for some reason would NOT pull up your blog. I was so glad when it finally did this morning, and I was rewarded with all the fun pics to look at!
I agree with morning, I'm noticing a difference ( a good one) in your photos too. I thought they were great before, now they are fantastic!

Rebecca said...

Thanks! That means alot to me, I really appreciate it!

I am using the Canon Rebel XT something I had wanted and pined for for YEARS until a few months ago, after several yard sales and saving, I was finally able to purchase it.

I think the difference you are seeing is mainly me learning LITTLE BY LITTLE how to USE my camera. All the pictures I have been taking LATELY have been modified by myself on shutter speed, aperture, focusing, etc. Bit by bit, I am getting there. Still not even CLOSE to where I WANT to be-which would be, even the HUMDRUM photos of every day look professional. I have a long way to go, but I am glad that I am showing progress. I can't really see it myself.