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Thursday, September 27, 2007

September Block of the Month

This block was a fun one. It sortof blew my mind, actually. I never would have known you could do this, unless I was shown-and it is so SIMPLE in theory, too.

It's called a Disappearing Nine Patch. All you do is stitch nine squares together-to form a nine patch.

Then you cut it in half. and in half again (to make quarters).

And rearrange....and rearrange...and rearrange.

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After this many variations I gave up. I am sure there are more. It's crazy you can get SO many fun, interesting and complex looks by such a simple dimple technique.

This is the one that I chose, and stuck with. It is on its way to Germany as we speak.
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Morning said...

This is MARVELLOUS! I'd love to make a whole quilt like that. One question, though -- and I am an absolute beginner -- but it seems to me that you'd lose some width in seam allowance when you re-sew, wouldn't you? So should you cut the centre patch an extra inch around? Or would that spoil the effect?

Mrs. Bonnie said...

I've heard of this, but it seems to me the directions were as clear as mud. Your pictures make much more sense. Very nice!

Rebecca said...

Morning~ I have thought of that too, except I rationalized it out as being that this block contains LOTS of different sized squares and rectangles (when complete) so it won't matter much.

Really, I learned this technique from an EXPERT quilter, and she didn't say too-so I am gonna just go with it and hope for the best! :-)

Mrs. Bonnie~I agree. Pictures ALWAYS make more sense to me...

Elizabeth said...

This is pretty neat Rebecca! Why is it on it's way to Germany though?

Rebecca said...

Elizabeth~ it's on its way to Germany because I take part in a monthly quilt block exchange. My partner this month is in Germany. Basically, you request what colors to use and your partner makes one for you. I will show you the one I receive when I get it! :-)

Mom2fur said...

That is awesome! I've really got to give that a try. Isn't it fun when something looks a lot more complicated than it really is? The colors you picked are so pretty! Your German friend will love it, I'm sure.

Jthemilker said...

I am in awe of your talent. Maybe someday I'll graduate to more difficult squares. I'm just a beginner.

Rebecca said...

Mom2fur~ Yes you should! It is GREAT fun!

JtheMilker~that goes for you too! Trust me. This whole quilting bit is entirely new to me as well. The only quilt I have ever done was made from all squares! Talent smalent. I don't have any...I just did what I was told to do! You should try it. You should YOu should! (And then-show me! hehehe)