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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

(Not so) Breaking NEWS

Corynn's dolly has a name: Kelly. In fact, the very VERY first thing she said when she saw her (after, of course, the little gasp!) was..."What should we name her?!" Only seconds later, had she decided upon Kelly. Which to me is odd, since I don't think we know ONE single person named Kelly. She has enjoyed making Kelly match her and vice versa, as can be seen above. Notice the hair. Yes. Kelly has more of it and she is like 1/5 of Corynn's size. You gonna make something of it?!?!

Also under breaking news is that I finally FINALLY own one of these miraculous wonders! It is a miraculous machine and I am LOVING it. It was purchased as an anniversary gift from a mennonite store in a nearby town. In celebration of it, I spent yesterday on the patio squishing 50 pounds of tomatoes. Last year, at apple time, Corynn did all the turning so I figured tomatoes would go pretty smoothly.

Not so.

It was still tough work, though not NEARLY as tough as it may have been. I guess, in retrospect, fresh tomatoes ARE more firm than boiled apples turned mush.... I should have thought of that before. My left arm just hangs limply by my side today and barks at me everytime I try and move it.

But-I DID make 13 quarts of spaghetti sauce and some salsa. I have LOTS more salsa to make and was planning to do it today except- I ran out of canning lids. ARGH. That seems to ALWAYS happen to me.

More breaking news-can you STAND it?!?!

We now have high speed internet! I have had SO much fun, in the little increments of time that I have been afforded to BE on the computer this last week. I especially like the videos and songs people post. I have never been able to view them until now! I am looking forward to posting my own here pretty soon, since, now it will hopefully not take so long on MY end. This leads me to a ??? for you. Given my time constraints previously and how slow my computer was, I was unable to answer all the comments that people gave individually and only answered questions and so, this just naturally stopped. Now, I am able to do it again but I wonder, does anyone actually check BACK for my responses? I don't want to waste my time, either. So-if you have input~I would love to hear it.

And finally~though this is probably not of great importance to anyone (as if the top two were...)
I have successfully been able to keep my house in tip-top shape now for seven consecutive days! Wa-hoo! I think there may be hope for me yet!

My secret?

Well-spending 10 minutes before the kids go to bed to have 'clean up time'. So far, it has worked smashingly well. Every morning I wake up SO happy, because the first thing I see is a NICE floor! Now that the house, overall, is clean, I am setting aside time each day to work on hotspots that have, as time progressed, become disorderly. My vanity. The towel closet. The clothing closet. Etc.

And that is it for the breaking news at the Newmans. Have a great evening!
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Shannon B. said...

Hi there! Congratulations on your hi speed connection. I don't know what it would be like to NOT have it. My husband is a computer programmer and full fledged computer geek, so there is no option but hi speed for him. So i guess i have been spoiled for way too long.

I would check back if i asked a question or if there was something i wanted to know more about from someone else's comment. (like when you passed out and everyone wanted to know what was wrong) :-)

And i promise soon i will post about the bonnet on my blog! How has it been going on Etsy?

Sheesh this is turning into a long comment...last question: does you one year old help with the 10min cleanup before bed time, i am trying to teach my 18 month old to do this, but she doesn't seem to be catching on, do you have any suggestions?
Thanks, Shannon

Rebecca said...

He does. A little bit. But it requires lots of 'coaching' and gushing. Mostly, I am happy if he puts away a few blocks or something minimal like that.

Thanks for your input on the returning comment, Shannon. I think most people are like you-but I guess I will find out for sure soon enough!

About Etsy~ it has been going marvelously well, though it doesn't show at my shoppe. Since the bonnet I made for you, I have had several custom orders for them and actually, custom order for DOLL sized ones to MATCH. So, I have been busy as a bee but none of my 'goods' have made it to the shoppe-only to the mailbox.

I only just WISENED up by cutting DOUBLES of the pieces so that I can make a duplicate for the shoppe. By "only just" I mean, like, TONIGHT. :-) So-hopefully, I will get some new things up soon. Thanks for asking! :-)

PS-I LOVE long comments. So there!

Anonymous said...

I'd check back for a response.
By the way that was beautiful cake decoration work. I don't know if I've seen a prettier calf . . . :)

Mrs. Bowen

Tracy said...

I check back if I left a comment that I'd like to be answered. Or if I said something clever, etc.

I'd like to ask a question about Etsy, too. I've read some of their guidelines, etc. Do you have to do anything special, pay a fee, etc. to accept paypal? Do you feel comfortable taking a check from someone that you don't know? How do you handle that?

Kelli said...

Yeah for high speed internet!! My mom gave me one of those miraculous wonders and it sure is a quick and easy way to make applesauce! I'll bet your spaghetti sauce and salsa is yummy!
I love the picture of Corynn and her new doll. I think it's a great name! ;0)

Rebecca said...

Thank you Mrs. Bowen. Trust me...I am no cake decorator, but it did taste good. And the 'globs' that were SUPPOSED to be flowers were bright and colorful. And it was for a FOUR year old. :-)

Tracy~Honestly, I have never had ANYONE suggest a check before. It seems the preferred method is paypal. And it's no wonder-it is easy, fast, and there is NO fee attached to it on either end. I do still allow check as a payment option but will not send out the goods until I have cashed the check. I learned that lesson well when my sister sold something on ebay, received a check, and it wouldn't go through!

Kelli~DUH! You MUST be it! I talk about you enough!

Tracy said...


smilnsigh said...

1) Corynn is the sweetest little girl on the whole planet, the way Mommy keeps her so girly-girly. And I will not take any disagreement on this statement! :-)

2) Hooray for high-speed Internet connection!

3) My view, I don't check back in a blog, for any response. So if I make a response to a comment in mine, I do it in the person's own blog.

4) VERY IMPORTANT! And caps are needed! Phullllleeeeeeze do not get hung up on answering all your comments!!!!!! It will suck the fun out of your blogging, my Dear. I know. I know. I know. ~~~ It feels like the BEST way. We are brought up to be polite and we WANT to answer all commenters. And it can even be very much fun. ~~~ But after a while, it becomes a job. And a young mother does not need such. Even an old Nana doesn't, and I have lots more free time than you do.

4) Blogging Without Obligation. Many bloggers have come to accept the true wisdom of this idea.


Rebecca said...

Rebecca--Congrats on hi speed! Isn't it great? Can't imagine not having it when my life already moves at that speed! LOL As for the comment question you had, I would check back if I had a specific question for you or whatever . . . other than that, I would not expect a response from you as we mothers are busy people! :-)

I have been working a lot on my house/upcoming yardsale/starting homeschooling lately, but maybe "someday" I could try my hand at an Etsy shop--looks like it could be a do-able thing for me.

Tracy--Paypal does take a fee for accepting payments if you have a premier account that accepts credit cards, but not for personal accounts that will only accept bank transfers, etc. as payment.

Anonymous said...

Hi. First time visiting here but your photo of the Victoria Strainer popped out at me. I have one and I love it!!! I make applesauce, tomato sauce, pumpkin puree, and I have put grapes through it too. Do you have the different attachments for yours?

Anonymous said...


Thanks for stopping by my blog.

I bought mine from a Mennonite store in Muddy Pond are of Monterey, TN before they closed. I was lucky to find the attachments on sale at the Cumberland Store in Crossville, TN before they closed.

I have these attachments:


Grape Spiral that allows me to put grapes through using the Tomato/Apple attachment...

I have a pressure canner and I love it. I pressure can and waterbath as well as dehydrate and freeze.

I have two dehydrators. LOL I really want an Excalibur though but they are pricey. So I contend with my two round ones and all the trays that have to be rotated.

As a matter of fact, I need to can up some pinto beans this week and I'm hoping to go to the Upick tomato place a little later this week and get some tomatoes... $5 a 5 gallon bucket. They have peppers too. I need to put up some salsa, tomoto sauce, spaghetti sauce and whole tomatoes.