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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Results Just In

We did our Anniversary 'shoot' yesterday, since Matt had the day off (Payment for working this weekend...)

These are my thoughts:

1) I was VERY disappointed because I took 120 shots-and only a fraction of those turned out well. Because I wasn't checking the viewfinder after several shots of a particular pose, I only found out that ALL the shots were 'tainted' after I got home-and the opportunity to retake was lost.

2) It turned out to be more of a family shoot than a couple shoot-though the majority of the shots WERE just Matt and I. The problem was, within that majority-many of them didn't turn out well. That's okay though. I love my family too. :-)

3) If you look closely-you will see our little remote switch in most shots. Funny.

4) We had a LOT of fun, especially the smoochin' part.

5) I enjoy being BEHIND the camera.

6) My favorite shots were the second to last couple shot. And of course, the one where Andrew rears his rather large, dirty derrière to the camera. My sentiments exactly.

7) Sometimes, tripods are not good enough. For example: you will notice there were some GREAT shots of Matt and the kids on the quilt. That is what I wanted the composition to be. My tripod was too tall, so I propped it with the camera bag-but as the pictures progressed...less and less of the grass showed-and eventually began to cut us off. Argh.

8) Matt and I have hardly ANY close ups. Knowing how disappointed I was at that, Matt is going to let me do a few of those in a day or so. Once he recuperates from all that smiling. No~He doesn't need to re-coop from the smoochin. :-)

9) I liked the location I chose.

Overall, I feel very confident that I could have done a more professional looking job had I been BEHIND the camera, shooting a DIFFERENT couple.

Also-having posted so many couple shots lately, I realize that I may come across as vain. Please don't think that. Realize that I am only a bit sentimental as our Anniversary has recently passed. If you think these couple shots have been TOO much-let me know. I will refrain (for a bit) on the couple shots and self-portraits and I will not post the few close-ups I take in a few days. I post ALL my photos here on Renaissance, but I don't want my photos to give the wrong impression either. Let me know truthfully.

I do realize it is a lot of pictures, so: it took a LONG time, but I figured how to make a slideshow. Too bad I couldn't add music. Ah well.

Watch away. Enjoy. Sing yourself a little tune. And let me know YOUR thoughts. I would love to have suggestions on how I could improve. At the same time though, realize I am a sensitive soul-so say it gently. :-)


Ellie said...

I love all your pictures, even the ones you may not be happy with! In fact, I doubt if you could ever take a crummy picture!

Victoria said...

I LOVE the pics! Don't even THINK we don't appreciate them. It's a joy to see a MARRIED couple so much in love with each other and with their children!

Morgan said...

Great pictures! You have a beautiful family!

Anonymous said...