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Monday, September 10, 2007

Shoebox Swap~revealed

Man, I love getting mail. Especially when it is for ME! BECAUSE I love getting mail so much, I have signed up for several swaps and such these last few months, one of which was the secret sister shoebox swap. I think I must have gotten the greatest partner, because we have been exchanging emails for about a month now. The nice JUICY ones, I mean, not the one-liners.

Well, today was the day that I got my shoebox in the mail, jam-packed with all sorts of goodies. I gotta say, when I tore away the brown paper, I was already impressed. Because the BOX was part of the gift too. Poor Clare, I sent her package in an old cruddy shoebox. My box is a gift, in and of itself!

Then, when I lifted the lid was a note and a pink little bag, set aside for Corynn. Since the little shadow is with me ALL the time and was helping me open my package, she was DELIGHTED to get to keep something for herself. Clare, that was just SO thoughtful to include something for Corynn. How sweet you are!

And boy do you know four-year olds! That grape lipgloss had her just gushing! She kept whispering 'Wow.' over and over. I was taking pictures of the goodies and she got in my viewfinder and asked if her lips had 'purple sparklies'. I snapped a picture...

And she adored the little pooches, as you can tell.

Here are the treats that had MY name on them....
there were so many I made a collage!

As you can tell, I was spoiled. I got stationary things, and luggage things, and spa things, and girlie things, and CHOCOLATE things. Can a woman be made any more happy?

Thank you Clare, for making my day so special. AND my little girls'. You are a gem!

And thanks to Monica and Carrie for hosting such a fun event!
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