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Monday, September 03, 2007

She like.

The Panda and I are VERY intent upong hearing what piece Corynn wanted.

And then, intent upon cutting it.

After dinner, it was present time.

For my Etsy shoppe, I have had several customers order prairie bonnets with matching doll bonnets for their girls. Corynn was often in my craft room with me, as I stitched them up, and pined over each one. Every time I finished a set, she asked, is THIS one for me and my dolly?!? And each time I would say no and explain, AGAIN, what they were for.

For her birthday, I made her one with a matching one for her dolly. You know those RIDICULOUSLY expensive American Girl Dolls? Well, this is the el cheapo $7.00-with-a-40%off-coupon version. But, don't you think she looks pleased?!? I will take a better picture of them sometime.

I figure~Corynn has been wishing, praying, and hoping with all her 3-year old might that she would get a calf and a sister for her birthday. Of course, neither of which were possible THIS year. However, I did still 'cover' them-with a calf cake and a 'pretend' sister to dress up like her! ;-)
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smilnsigh said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Corynn!

And Mommy, you are an absolutely amazing baker! Precious cake!


Rebecca said...

Thanks Mari Nanci. Not amazing. Trust me. :-)