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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The bathroom. I would love a bathroom like this! Obviously I had to purchase the bathroom accessories, but with a 40% off coupon, it wasn't all that bad. Thanks to my friend Mrs. Hurzeler for the dollarstore heads up~I got the vanity in the corner from there!

The master bedroom. The bed is made from clothespins, empty spools, and lincoln log slats. The lamp is made with scrapbook paper leftover from the living room (so she can change it up if she likes...) The mirrored vanity was actually a small jewelry box for $1.00. The plant is made from felt. It's very sparse so far, but Corynn can help me create things for it as we go along...

Ah yes. The children's LOFT. I chose the attic portion for the childrens' room because she had so MANY little babies and children. (In fact, all the dolls she already had from yardsales and such...) I filled that sucker to brimming with beds of all sorts. Some made from dollar store kits, some bought, some we already had, and the bunkbeds from lincoln log slats and heavy duty cardboard. There are LOTS of pieces of fabric cut into blankets in THIS room!

Looks like Grandma is tucking all the children in for the night!
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Andie said...

Rebecca...I LOVE THE DOLLHOUSE!!! It turned out wonderfully! What a blessed little girl you have. How exciting!
Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas. I'm so happy for you!

We had our own little Christmas miracle in my family, I posted about it on my blog.
I haven't done a real Chrismtas post, I'm visiting my mom, so that will wait till we go home this weekend.

Blessings to you-

abigail said...

Wow! This is absolutely fantastic! I'm not even going to let my girls see these pictures (seriously) because then they may realize that their little 18"-er isn't quite up to par! :) You both did an incredible job on this, and it turned out wonderfully. (I really love the little elephant girl, too. She seems familiar, for some reason...)