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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Project Dollhouse, It's coming along

Two weeks ago Matt added the room dividers and made doors into them. The bottom area is a shelf that will hold a basket or two for the dollhouse people/things that are not in use...

Funny story- This is dollhouse is BIG. Like 4 feet tall! And our house has NO storage. SO, I cover it up with several blankets and lay our inflated airmattress against it. The other day I came downstairs, knowing Corynn was down here-but then I couldn't find her. I called her name and heard a muffled response.

Uh OH. I know where that came from...

I peeked and sure enough~ there she was, laying inside the first shelf! She had a baby doll laying in EACH cubby all the way to the top! I was flabberghasted! I didn't know what to do! She said, "Mama-I was just sleeping with my babies!"

I tried to act all nonchalent but you can bet I scurried her out of there faster than Santa's tummy rumbles at the sight of cookies...and all I could do was LAUGH that she had been playing in her TOP SECRET Christmas PRESENT!

She is totally clueless though. I told her Papa was making a project out of that for me...NOT a LIE since I was the one to ask him to do it! So she thinks it is a bookcase or something...won't she be surprised on Christmas morning when she sees it filled with a family and furniture! Oh my, I can hardly WAIT!!!

This week I finally got to painting and wallpapering some of the rooms. I am just using scrapbook paper instead of buying the expensive dollhouse wallpaper.

This is the children's room. It is the attic portion because she has a LOT of children dolls! (All those Kelli dolls from Barbie and several babies)

This is the bathroom. One thing I DID buy was a toilet, tub and sink and they have a blue flowers on them. So naturally, the bathroom had to coordinate! ;-) I would love to have a REAL room in a house look like this! :-)

There is one room painted white and one that is cream. The other rooms I don't know what to do with...

But I have time, I suppose. Just a BIT.

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Tracy said...

It's coming along so nicely! I can't believe that she was already into it. Phew! That was close!

Ann'Re @ Home said...

That is going to look so fantastic when it is finished! Oh how I would love to do that...but something tells me that my almost 8 year old son wouldn't appreciate it much. lol I can't wait to see it finished. :) Ann'Re

Mom2fur said...

You two should be so proud of this amazing work of art. That's just so funny that Corynn didn't know what it was. Won't her eyes light up when she sees it finished on Christmas morning!
I have a suggestion...how about red and white in one of the downstairs rooms? What could be better than a red and white kitchen?

Elizabeth said...

This special surprize turned out AWESOME! I had to laugh when you wrote that Corynn was playing with it oblivious that it could be her- what a selfless little pixie! You and Matt make a great team and have done such an amazing job!!!!