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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

It's a hit!

Corynn spent the ENTIRE day in her own little dollhouse world. When she wasn't playing with it, she was talking about it. Or asking if she could. (As if she needed to...) She is still so small that she needs to use a chair to reach the topmost rooms. Though, that only adds to the intrigue.

The first thing she did this morning was run to the doll's house. Before HER nap, she laid each of the dollpeople into their beds (or floors, or couches...) so that they too could nap. When she awoke, she flew down the stairs to wake them up. Hence her disheveled hair....

Do not be misled. I have discovered a certain little BOY who is entralled with the thing too. He especially enjoys finding the many dogs and rearranging them.

We are DEFINATELY going to have to anchor it to the wall. I have already pried some climbing limbs from the different floors! :-)
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Anonymous said...

The dollhouse is sooooo cute!!!! That is a gift that she'll remember for a lifetime!

Thank you so much for your blog help! I DID IT!!!! LOL I am so excited!!! What is the proper thing to do about adding your favorite blogs that you read onto your own blog? Is it proper to list them.....or is it proper to ask and get permission first?

Blessings, Stephanie

(again...Thank you for your help :):):)

Rebecca said...

Just list em! If you want, you could tell them so they can be pleasantly surprised but I don't think there is any real etiquette. I don't know of ANYONE who would be upset that someone enjoyed their blog so much they wanted to have a link to them! :-)

Ps. We must be online at the same time! :)

Tracy said...

It's all so wonderful! I'm sure that Corynn and Andrew will be playing with it for many years to come!

Christine said...

It is absolutely amazing, Rebecca! I adore all of the exquisite details. The lavender powder room is quite lovely, by the way.

LBP said...

What a dream come true for your little one! I would have loved to have a doll house like that when I was little. Heck, I would like to have one now!




momawake said...

I found you through Sew Crafty Friday.

Since you've been working on this project have you found a miniature nativity?

Rebecca said...

Momawake~ thanks for stopping by! No, I haven't found one of those and wonder if they might even exist. I couldn't imagine one so small! :-) But if there were one, that would be a FANTASTIC addition to the house! Know of any resources? Or are you looking for one too?

Martie said...

How adorable!! I think I want to play! LOL