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Monday, January 28, 2008

A bug's life

I'll give you one guess on the latest and greatest in the Newman household...

Just look at that face. :-( Poor guy.

At the beginning of the week, Corynn got a pet bug. In exchange for devotion and a pillow to sleep upon, the bug has given her sniffles, hacks, and droopy eyes.

Now she is in good company. The bug was thoughtful enough to 'share' with the Panda who has been hit pretty hard.

Even I, in caring for them, have lost all my energy and have lazed about over the weekend.

The solo's that were once from Corynn have turned into a chorus of coughing, all harmonizing together in one terrible symphony of illness.

We have a good case of the blah's (or should I say, Waaaa's) and now, Corynn just woke up with tears saying her ears hurt. Perhaps a visit to the doctor might be in order. How terribly I hate doctor visits, as can be seen by how rarely we go to them.

Andrew and I stayed home from church yesterday. I have been able to force only a few bites of food a day into the Panda, which says a terribly lot considering this was the boy eating bits of steak and whole sandwhiches when he was nine months old.

I have gathered enough used tissues to nicely stuff a featherbed. We each carry hankie's around with us, everywhere, and we all have chapped areas under our noses and above our lips. Lovely. Thanks to CVS and several coupons, I was able to stock up on the wonderful VICKS scented Puffs, which are a royal treat for our sniffers.

Matt seems to be the only one who hasn't been hit in some form. Lucky man. Rather, time will tell.

After an entire week of sickness, I am hoping that we will all be on the mend soon. It can't last forever, can it? ;-)

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Tracy said...

I hope that you are all well soon. Matt probably won't get sick. With him being outside so much for his work, he's probably killing off all of the germs. Earache? Yes, She should probably see the doctor, although I hate to go too!

Victorian Lady said...

Hi :) My 10month old and I must have the cousin of that bug staying with us. She barely slept last night for all the coughing.

I hope you all feel better soon.


the mother of this lot said...

No, it won't last forever. It'll just feel like it! Hope everyone feels better soon!

Andie said...

We've got one of those bugs living with us, too. All three of the kiddos and I have been coughing and blowing our snotty little noses. My hubby (like yours) seems to be immune so far! He's out hunting today, poor guy! ;-)

Hope you all recover soon!

abigail said...

Poor, wee sickies. (And poor Mama, too!) Here's hoping that all are on the mend soon.

Pink Panda said...


I love your V-day apron! Valentines day is my favorite holiday! I was cooking a white sauce today and kept thinking about it. Would you be willing to knock down the price of it to $33 and then I could buy it with my personal budget money? Let me know!

Megan joshmeganabbott@hotmail.com

michelle said...

Feel Better Soon! Hopefully that bug is done sharing.