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Friday, January 18, 2008

Last ones....for now

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As you can see, our feathered friends really appreciated the tree! I would encourage you to do the same...if you don't have the Christmas tree around, adopt a tree in your yard! If you don't have a tree in your yard, gather long sticks and poke them in a bucjet filled with stones~ you can decorate the 'stick' tree. Or, stay simple and just put out a feeder. The birds will appreciate it and you will have FUN watching their antics! Plus~you can even LEARN about them! ;-)


Elizabeth said...

Wow, what a difference in your photos from last year and this year- it's amazing the difference your camera has made! My favorite of your visitors was the mourning dove...I just love doves!!!

Sisterlisa said...

Great ideas Rebecca!!!!! Your pics are great too btw. Love them!

Andie said...

What an awesome idea! Maybe we'll have to give it a try.

I have an idea (haha) how about we each have one more kiddo (I'll have a blue eyed one for sure, and you'll have a brown eyed beauty) and we'll trade!!! Sound good to you? :o) Of course I'm just teasing!!!


lindsey said...

We made a point to throw cracked corn outside the livingroom window. So the kids can sit and watch the quail and birds.

abigail said...

I loved this idea last year, and this year proves no differently.

I have great plans of idea thievery once we move, Lord willing, to Nanticoke.

Kelli said...

I love these ideas, Rebecca! I also love the bird pictures, keep them coming! I adore Nuthatches. :0)

School for Us said...

Love the photos! We don't have the top 2 birds around here. I'd love to know what they are!