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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A few more... G rated

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Wendy said...

Interesting with the christmas lights...you are such a good photographer. I gave up on my film camera...it was just a little too much camera for me. I am hoping to sell it or something. Cory got me a nice digital for Christmas...I am much happier. I enjoy all of your shots--and love seeing how the kiddos are growing!

Kelli said...

Those are really fun pictures, Rebecca! You two are so cute!

lindsey said...

I just read a neat article on painting with lights. Some of the people had some neat pictures. Which ghetto lighting is perfect for!


Rebecca said...

Thanks Wendy! I will say, now that I am digital, I will never ever in a million years never go back to film. Digital is so much easier to handle, to work with, and to improve on. What a fabulous gift!

Thanks Kelli!

Lindsey~ HEy Lindey! Great minds think alike because THAT is precisely where I FOUND the ghetto lighting idea. Of course, all of THEIR photos are WAY better than mine. I loved to concept which is why I tried it...with much less success. I have learned alot from Digital Photo School. Maybe I'll see you around there sometime?!? ;-)

abigail said...

These are really neat. I can tell you set the camera's setting yourself because automatic settings would never produce such a clear and bright result! (At least, I don't think so...but I don't know much.)

You have a tripod, yes? Did you use it? Have you had much success with, say, putting the camera on a stack of books on the dresser? Give me a tip, here!