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Monday, January 07, 2008

One Less

Sniff Sniff. My Panda bear is growing up!

This weekend I decided Andrew was ready for a 'big boy bed'. He always lays on Corynn's bed like he wants it to be his in the worst way. I figured it would take him a while to learn the 'rules' of the bed and to do well so I should start now. Since we don't have a youth bed, or an extra twin at this point, I took one of the sides off of the crib. No need for one of those 'convertible' cribs. Who knew?!? ;-)

He thinks he is SUCH a big boy. He gasped when he saw it. Then promptly climbed on. And then off. Then on. Then off.

Naptime came on Saturday and I thought, "Now remember, Rebecca. This was YOUR idea. Be patient. Be patient. Be patient."

I heard the pitter patter of feet within minutes. I snuck to the door ready to scare the bajeebers out of him when I saw through the crack that he ran to the bookshelf and grabbed a book-then ran right back to his bed and laid down.

I smiled to myself and walked off.

In a minute or two I came back to check on him and he was fast asleep.

With the book covering his head.

How such a silly sight can warm a heart so fully is beyond me.

I uncovered his head of the book and recovered his body with a blanket and began snapping pictures away.

I have been swelled with pride ever since-each night he lies there good as can be and never gets out of bed. What a sweet, obedient little guy. He sure makes his Mama happy.

And always will.
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Amy said...

This same thing happened with my son, but I didn't get the photo to prove it. He had, "The Dangerous Book for Boys" over his head and was sound asleep. I love that memory! Thank you!

Tracy said...

I'll never forget the first time my oldest slept in a "big" bed. He stayed put all night, and the little patter of his feet the next morning just hurt my heart so at the love I felt for his newfound independence. He ran to our room, and yelled,
"Good morning!"

Elizabeth said...

Andrew is way ahead of Samuel now. I just don't want to change his bed, till he goes into his big boy bed, in his new bedroom. Cute pics~

Carmichael Family said...

I am so impressed...Kaden is no where near being ready to transition into a regular bed. He gets into things way too often! Those pictures are just adorable. What a sweet little guy!

Rebecca said...

Elizabeth~rightfully so! Only a wise mother would not burden herself TWICE...it is a perfect solution to wait until the big upstairs switcheroo!

Catherine~ you *might* be surprised! i thought the VERY same thing with Andrew but boy did he surprise me! Which is why I was SO proud of him-because I never thought it would go so smoothly!

ON a side note: This morning I found him fast asleep on the floor! He had fallen out of bed at some point and never realized it! hehehe